New Alterna™ Reserve Premium Tile Collection

The most realistic, high-end stone designs in a luxury vinyl tile flooring

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Stone quarried from the earth provided the design inspiration for our latest collection in the Alterna premium tile line. Alterna Reserve perfectly captures the true-to-life colors and textures of travertine stone, quartz and slate in three stunning patterns: Moselle Valley, Cuarzo and Classico Travertine.

The story of this collection lies in the number of unique visuals within each pattern. Where many luxury vinyl tile collections offer only 2-4 unique visuals, Alterna Reserve offers an unprecedented 32 different tile variations. Virtually, no two tiles are the same, which allows for the creation of a floor with more random, natural visuals. Just like you would find in nature.

Bold, realistic stone flooring tile designs with all the benefits of Alterna luxury vinyl tile. Ask your retailer to serve you Alterna Reserve.

Watch the video for a glimpse of this exclusive collection.