Vintage Hand-Scraped Floors | Random Width Flooring
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Hand-Scraped Hardwood Collections

Hand-scraped hardwood floors combine the vintage look of aged floor boards with the rich colors of traditional hardwoods.

Brown Bear Hand-scraped Oak - SAS503

Hand-scraped hardwood is popular with homeowners who want a floor that looks as if it were worn in from years of comfortable use but has a fresh, contemporary style – one that will awe guests and provide a beautiful design background for furnishings.

Armstrong offers hand-scraped collections with a variety of surface treatments that accentuate natural wood grain details. The sculpted lines of artesian chisel work and hand-sanding show scoops, dents and other distinctive markings that give each floor board a uniquely shaped profile.

4 Featured Hand-Scraped Hardwood Flooring Collections

The Bruce Frontier™ engineered hardwood series features hickory in a rustic scrape that fits well in the southwestern region of the U.S. A softer, more subtle hand-scrape in birch appeals to West Coast tastes.

The hand-scraped solid hardwoods in the Bruce Rustic Heritage™ collection are stunningly beautiful. While the design says upmarket, the looks are right at home in either an urban loft or a country retreat. Every board in this collection has been hand-sculpted not only on the surface, but also on the edges and ends, creating a strong surface texture on the floor. The striking rustic looks of these exceptionally handcrafted floors are well-suited for the Northeast, Midwest and Canada, where solid hardwood is the flooring of choice.

Exotic hardwoods grown outside tropical areas, like acacia and walnut, are gaining in popularity these days with homeowners looking to introduce excitement and a one-of-a-kind design to their home interiors. Rustic Accents from Armstrong offers hand-scraped engineered hardwood flooring in acacia, a renewable species prized for its beautiful and active grain pattern. Because acacia is “visually busy,” it complements those rooms with a natural and simplistic décor. The walnut floors in this collection have a pronounced grain, yet the color variation is more quiet and subdued.

The hand-scraped hardwood floors in the Artesian Hand-Tooled collection by Armstrong follow the vintage trend of random width boards. The engineered hickory, walnut and birch species in this collection have a heavily textured look that adds artistic character to any room setting.

Hand-scraped hardwood floors have the gently worn look and feel of old wooden floors, plus a smooth, durable finish for many years of lasting beauty and performance.