The Beauty of Brazilian Cherry Flooring

Many homeowners are won over by the beautiful looks of exotics, like Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring.

brazilian cherry hardwood flooringExotic Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring is among the most popular imported species in homes today. Also known as Jatoba, Brazilian Cherry is not actually a cherry species, but in appearance bears a striking similarity. When freshly milled, its colors span a range of salmon pink to reddish brown with orange-yellow highlights and dark accent stripes. Over time, the highlights fade and the colors deepen and grow more uniform in rich shades of dark honeyed red, crimson and burgundy with charcoal striping. The intense coloring and depth of grain in aged exotic Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring are the qualities that make it so desirable in home décor.

The Jatoba tree grows in the rain forests of South America, Central American and the Caribbean. Armstrong’s dedication to the environment includes the world’s tropical forests, and we ensure that no endangered hardwood species are used in any of our products. Armstrong partners with the Tropical Forest Foundation to support sustainable forest management.

Exceptional Hardness
Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring is extraordinarily hard, measuring 2820 on the Janka hardness scale. That makes it more than two times harder than domestic red oak, which is the industry benchmark for evaluating wood species as suitable flooring material.

In terms of durability, Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring can withstand heavy foot traffic and active households. Like all hardwoods, however, care should be taken to keep pet nails trimmed and to remove dirt, grit and any debris that can scratch the finish.

Armstrong Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring is an engineered product that offers the same durability and beauty of solid wood flooring but with superior stability. This reduces concerns associated with shrinking and expanding when temperature and humidity change. It also allows installation below ground level, making engineered flooring an option for finished basements.

Premium exotic hardwoods offer unique and imaginative design possibilities. With its striking elegance and vibrant sophistication, exotic Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring may be all the excitement you’ll ever need in a room.

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