Caring for Hardwood
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Take Good Care Of Your Hardwood Floor So It Will Love You Back

Get helpful tips on how to care for your hardwood floor.

caring for your hardwood floor - helpful tips

Once your hardwood flooring project is complete, you can relax and bask in the warm glow of your gorgeous new floor. Your new Armstrong floor was built to last. Keep it looking great by following a simple routine of care, maintenance and protection.


With today’s advances in wood stains and factory-sealed finishes, cleaning your hardwood floors has never been easier. Everyday light cleaning requires little more than sweeping with a nylon bristle broom or microfiber mop, or vacuuming with an attachment with soft bristles or a felt head. When a liquid spill occurs, make sure to wipe it up immediately with a slightly dampened cloth or paper towel.

Regularly clean your hardwood floors with Armstrong Hardwood & Laminate Floor Cleaner to prevent dirt from causing friction on the finish. Armstrong’s unique cleaner lifts soil from the surface of the urethane finish without leaving a film. It also comes in a spray trigger, so it’s great for spot cleaning.


Wood floors expand and contract as humidity levels change in your house. For hardwood floors, maintain a relative humidity range between 35% - 55%. This will prevent cupping or gapping between boards.

All hardwood floors will change color over time from exposure to the UV rays of direct or indirect light. This is a perfectly normal part of wood’s aging process, and it usually happens during the first year after installation. Move furniture and area rugs periodically so your floor ages evenly. You may be able to prevent or slow down this process with window treatments that restrict UV rays.


Dirt and grit act like sandpaper on your hardwood floor, over time destroying the finish. Place door mats at entrances to trap dirt and prevent damage. Likewise, scratches and dents are caused by sliding furniture across a hardwood floor. Always lift furniture to move it and place soft plastic or felt glides under the legs to prevent scuffing and scratching.

Wear and tear from pets can also wreak havoc on hardwood floors. Keep your pets' nails trimmed and paws free from dirt and gravel.

Next, take a look at your own feet. Make sure your shoes are not excessively soiled or have gravel embedded in the tread.  Avoid walking on hardwood floors with sports shoes, work boots or any footwear that’s caked with dirt.  Be aware that high heels can exert a lot of pressure in a small area, enough to dent any hardwood floor surface.

When you take the time to properly clean, maintain and protect your hardwood floor, it will glow as beautifully as the day it was installed.