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How Do I Choose The Best Laminate Flooring?

The best laminate flooring for a space satisfies more than just durability and great looks.

 Ask Yourself These Laminate Flooring Questions

Best Laminate Flooring Article

The best laminate flooring for your home is the one that best fits your lifestyle. When you choose a quality laminate floor, you’re assured of getting an easy-care, durable surface that resists scratches, spills, stains, fading and wear. Quality laminate flooring also captures every nuanced detail of genuine wood, stone or ceramic, so you can be assured that you’ll enjoy a beautiful floor that looks authentic.

But there’s more to consider: when looking for the best laminate flooring for a space, you also need to think about the size of your room, the activity level, and the location within your home.

 Do I want to make the room look larger?

For bathrooms or any space challenged by limited square footage, select a wide laminate plank, if you’re going for wood looks. Planks 5” or wider show fewer lines and create the illusion of a larger space. Lighter colors like natural maple or whitewash pine also make the best laminate flooring for smaller rooms because they make rooms appear bigger and brighter.

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Antique Structure - Milk Paint Laminate Flooring

 What’s the best laminate flooring for high traffic areas?

Peruvian Slate - Forest Shade Laminate Flooring

Any room where there’s a lot of activity means wear and tear. With laminate flooring, that’s something you won’t have to worry about. Laminate floors are tough and durable, and can easily stand up to multiple pets, kids, and even the whole soccer team that stops by after a game to raid the refrigerator.

Dirt, drips, spills, and muddy feet are frequent mishaps in active households. Light-colored laminate floors will show soiling, yet dark colors show dust and pet hair. The best laminate flooring for high traffic areas is a medium range of hues for wood looks, or a beautifully textured pattern in natural stone and ceramic laminate looks. Aim for a color with undertones that complement cabinetry and furnishings to create a harmonious decor.

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 How does location affect floor selection?

Think beyond defining a single room. Look at adjacent rooms and how flooring in those spaces will interact. If they connect, as in an open floor plan, the best laminate flooring for a new space is one that complements or matches existing flooring, at least as close as possible. For larger rooms, thicker laminate boards feel more stable and sound more natural. Choose a thickness of 8mm (.32 in.) up to 12mm (.48 in.). Thicker boards add extra durability as well.

Choosing the best laminate flooring for a room is more than a matter of looks. Ask these questions when you’re shopping for laminate and not only will you find a floor you love, you’ll create a truly unique space.

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