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Dare to Decorate with Dark Wood Floors

Follow these decorating tips for designing with dark wood floors.

Artesian Brunet dark wood flooring - EMW6305

Don’t be afraid of the dark when it comes to decorating with dark wood floors. Although deeper shades may seem intimidating, they’re actually easy to incorporate into almost any décor. Today’s interior stylists use dark colors as neutrals to establish mood and set the tone for their design concepts. Use the tips below to create a custom look by taking advantage of the dramatic elegance of dark wood floors.

Tips for decorating with dark wood floors 

Balance light and dark – Dark hardwood floors attract the eye and can overpower lighter-colored objects, upsetting the sense of balance. Create harmony in rooms with dark wood floors by repeating the color elsewhere. For example, in a room with light-colored furniture on a cherry-chocolate hardwood or mocha maple laminate floor, accessorize with picture frames, pillows or lamps in the same rich brown shade as the floor.

Soak up the shine –a high-gloss, dark wood floor acts as a mirror to reflect your other furnishings. A glossy dark floor will also give your room a greater sense of depth.

Coordinating design styles – Dark wood floors work well for every interior style. In a room with a modern style, the clean, simple lines of metal and white leather furniture look great on black wood flooring or dark gray pine laminate floors. Early American and French country styles also feel right at home with dark wood floors.

Over-the-top colors that pop – Pale accent colors such as lavender, peach or mint soften the look of an interior with dark wood floors, while bold, bright shades contrast sharply, creating a unique living space. For an even stronger color statement, choose brightly painted furniture to accompany your dark wood flooring.

Go ahead and dare to decorate with dark colored hardwood floors. Their freshness and sophistication will make your home look so fabulous, you’ll never fear the dark again!