How to Install Laminate Flooring

Want to learn how to install laminate flooring? Before you start, consider these important points to make installing laminate flooring easy.

installing laminate flooring for New England plank – L6580

Armstrong Laminate with Lock&Fold® installation technology is one of the easiest flooring options for a DIY laminate floor installation. Get tips and download the complete installation instructions. Or, locate an Armstrong Certified Installer near you, for guaranteed results.

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Materials and Tools

Laminate Flooring Tools

Make your DIY laminate installation easier: get a list of the tools and materials you’ll need.

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Skill Assessment

Laminate Skill Assessment

Do you have the right skills for a do-it-yourself installation? Find out here.

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Installation Guides

Laminate Flooring Installation Guides

Find the right installation guide for any product we offer. Choose your brand and product line.

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