Vinyl Plank Installation

Learn how easy it can be to install a new Luxe Plank™ luxury vinyl floor from Armstrong.

Luxe Plank is the ideal floor for beginner DIYers. Two installation options let you choose the one that works best for your needs.

Luxe Plank with Lynx Technology
Planks with Lynx™ Technology have pressure-sensitive adhesive tabs to bond planks to each other – not the subfloor – for the most flexible and forgiving floating floor installation.

Luxe Plank with FasTak™ Installation
Luxe Plank with FasTak Installation features a fully backed self-adhesive that holds fast and bonds tight over most existing subfloors.

With both options you simply position and press into place. No glue, no special tools and minimal prep. Just make sure to read the installation instructions thoroughly before you begin, and you’ll be walking on your new luxury vinyl floor in no time!

View Luxe Plank with Lynx Technology Installation Guide

View Luxe Plank with FasTak Installation Guide


Luxe Plank Installation Step [1-8]
  • BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Carefully read our detailed installation instructions.
  • Be sure the floor you’re laying over is dry, clean and flat.
  • Gently remove wall base, millwork, or trim you’ll re-use.
  • Have all recommended tools and materials on hand.
  • Properly acclimate the Luxe Plank™ flooring according to the instructions.