Vinyl Plank Installation Tools

What do you need to install Luxe Plank™ Flooring yourself?

You’ll need minimal tools to get started on your DIY Luxe Plank™ installation project. Find out more about the tools and materials you’ll need below.


  • Armstrong Luxe Plank™ flooring
  • Armstrong S-194 Patch, Underlayment & Embossing Leveler (if needed for uneven subfloor)
  • Armstrong S-195, Underlayment Additive – When mixed with S-194 it improves the bond to all approved substrates and can be used for patching and leveling uneven surfaces.

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  • Chalk line
  • Tape measure
  • Utility knife
  • Straight edge
  • Level

Once ‘n Done® Floor Cleaner

The convenient and easy way to clean your luxury vinyl floor.

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S-194 Underlayment & Embossing Leveler

Uneven or rough subfloor? Level & smooth your subfloor prior to installing Luxe Plank™ using our S-194 & S-195 system on all subfloor types.

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