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This tool will provide two flooring price estimates: one for a DIY installation and one for a professional installation.

To get your estimates, complete questions 1-4 about the room where your new floor will be installed. When you’re finished, your estimates will appear below the box.

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1. Select a Room

Room Type :

By telling us about your room type, we can help you and your retailer understand more about how the location you are installing your floor impacts your estimate.


2. Room Dimensions

Enter your room measurements below:
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3. Subfloor

Tell us about your subfloor:
My subfloor is concrete :
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Will you add a subfloor over the concrete? Will you need to replace the subfloor?
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If your subfloor – the structural layer underneath your existing flooring – is in good condition, you won’t need to replace it. However, if your subfloor is concrete, as most basements are, you will need to add a plywood subfloor over top to create a moisture barrier, or if you want to install certain types of flooring.


4. Floor Removal

If you are replacing your flooring, what type of floor will need to be removed?
Tearing out an existing floor can add costs to your project based on the flooring material you have. Some floors, like ceramic, are more difficult to remove, and your installer may charge more for that type.


See estimates underneath your saved products.

The estimates provided are meant to be a guide to the cost of your project.

Each project is unique and factors such as local labor rates, room configuration, pattern match and roll width (applicable to vinyl sheet only) will impact the estimate.

All vinyl sheet estimates assume loose lay installation on products for which that installation method is an option.

Print "My Project" and take it to your local retailer who will be able to provide you with an exact quote for your individual project.