Linoleum FAQs from Armstrong Flooring
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Linoleum Flooring FAQs

Answers to today's popular linoleum flooring questions.

Linoleum FAQs

Is Armstrong genuine linoleum an environmentally-friendly product?

Yes, in fact, Armstrong has been recycling cork waste to make linoleum for homes and commercial buildings since 1909. To this day, we manufacture linoleum with 100% natural ingredients.

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What makes Armstrong linoleum unique?

Armstrong linoleum has a permanent, bonded surface coating called NATURCote™ II that:

  • protects the floor’s design
  • helps the floor resist damage (stains, scratches, and scuffs)
  • makes maintenance easy

Just sweep and occasionally mop with S-485 Armstrong Commercial Floor Cleaner.

What makes Armstrong genuine linoleum so durable?

Genuine linoleum is extremely long-wearing because its color and construction are infused into the backing. Plus, Armstrong linoleum with NATURCote™ II has a hard, tough surface that resists damage 60% better than uncoated linoleum.

What does the term "blooming" mean?

Blooming refers to minor color adjustments linoleum flooring makes when exposed to light. Because genuine linoleum is made from natural raw materials, lack of light may cause oxidation, creating a yellowish cast under appliances, rugs, etc. This visual discoloration is only temporary. Once exposed to light, the yellowing disappears and your genuine linoleum floor will "bloom" again.

Can I use rugs or mats on my Armstrong genuine linoleum?

Yes, as long as they are labeled “colorfast” by the manufacturer. We recommend non-staining, colorfast woven rugs. We do not recommend the use of rubber- or latex-backed mats because the chemical (antioxidant) used in the backing can permanently stain your floor.

What are the best installation conditions for Armstrong genuine linoleum?

Armstrong genuine linoleum floors should only be installed over wooden or concrete subfloors above grade. Linoleum is not recommended for full bathrooms.

Which cleaning products are safe to use on my Armstrong genuine linoleum floor?

Linoleum is made of natural materials, so you should not use harsh alkalis or high pH products such as ammonia.
Clean your floor regularly with S-485 Armstrong Commercial Floor Cleaner.

Will my Armstrong genuine linoleum with NATURCote™ II floor ever need waxing?

No, just sweep and mop occasionally. Armstrong linoleum with NATURCote™ II will not strip or wash off, providing a lifetime of easy maintenance.

How can I repair my Armstrong genuine linoleum floor?

If you damage your linoleum floor, simply cut out the gouge or scratch and replace it with good material. A professional installer can ensure that the pattern is aligned correctly and that the seams are tight, so that the repair is difficult to see.

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