Finishing Touches – Hardwood Trims and Moldings
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Hardwood Trim and Molding Options

Add the finishing touch to your new wood floor.

Maple Canyon Gray - APM3408

Hardwood flooring trim is an essential component of a hardwood flooring installation that often gets overlooked in the buying process. The purpose of hardwood flooring trim is to complete the look of a flooring project by covering edges and gaps, hiding joints left for expansion and contraction, and bridging areas where one floor covering ends and another one begins.

Armstrong offers a wide selection of coordinated wood species and colors to complete your hardwood flooring look. If you want to add visual space to a room, choose trim and molding that closely matches your hardwood flooring in grain pattern, color and style. For example, if you’re going for a rustic look with oak hand-scraped hardwood flooring, you’ll want to select trim and molding that complements the oak species with a scraped surface treatment.

Basic hardwood flooring trim and molding options offered by Armstrong include: threshold, stair nose, reducer strip, quarter round and t-molding. Here’s how these pieces fit into an overall flooring design:

Threshold – A molding undercut that’s commonly used in doorways to finish the edge where flooring ends. It is also used against sliding door tracks, fireplaces, carpet and vinyl tile to hide seams, and to provide a smooth transition between floors of different heights.

Stair Nose – A molding undercut used on steps or stair landings. It protects edges that take the brunt of foot traffic in these areas, while enhancing the beauty of the hardwood.

Reducer Strip – A teardrop-shaped molding designed to make a smooth transition between floors of different heights. It is also used as a design element around fireplaces, doorways and as a room divider.

Quarter Round – A curved molding that covers the seams where flooring meets with baseboards, cabinets and steps.

T-Molding – A molding used as a transition piece from one flooring surface to another of equal height or to join hardwood floors between two rooms, such as in doorways. T-molding can also be used to conceal joints left for expansion and contraction.

Hardwood trims and moldings are functional, yet important decorative components that enhance the beauty of a hardwood flooring installation.