Armstrong S-780 Linoleum Adhesive
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Armstrong S-780 Linoleum Adhesive

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Product Number
Product Name
Armstrong S-780 Linoleum Adhesive
Synthetic polymer
Moisture and alkali resistant; Strong, early grab; Excellent bond strength; Easy trowelability. Now approved for use over concrete slabs up to 85% internal relative humidity FloorScore Certified
Use With
Marmorette; Granette; Colorette; Linorette; Uni Walton; Residential Marmorette
Application method

Additional Technical Details

Spread Rate
120-135 sq. ft. (13-15 sq. yds.)/gal (11-12.5 sq. m)/gal
Armstrong Guaranteed Installation System
Concrete; Suspended wood and wood underlayments; Existing well-bonded resilient flooring (not perimeter-bonded or cushion-backed); Terrazzo; Properly mixed and applied powder underlayments and embossing levelers; Primed, poured-in-placed gypsum subfloors; Clean and abraded steel, stainless steel, and aluminum; Radiant-heated subfloors where the surface temperature does not exceed 85°F (29°C)
Shelf Life
1 year if not opened
Environmental Considerations
Either low in VOC's (less than 150 g/L, SCAQMD) or have no VOC's (calculated at 70° F, SCAQMD); Nonflammable; Ammonia-free and low odor; Contain low or no organic solvents; Contain no reportable hazardous substances (per current regulations)
VOC Content
5.5 g/L; calculated and reported, SCAQMD 1168
Recommended trowel
S-891 Notched Steel Trowel 1/16"D x 1/16"W x 3/32"A, U-notch trowel
Open time
Porous substrates (Set-in-Wet): No open time; Nonporous substrates: 5-10 minutes
Working Time
Up to 25 minutes - NOTE: Working times vary based on job conditions, substrates, temperature, and humidity.

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