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What's the Difference between Hardwood and Softwood?
Learn about the many differences between hardwood and softwood like origin and structure.

Why buy a Hardwood Floor?
Beyond the natural warmth and beauty of genuine wood, smart homeowners know hardwood flooring is a solid investment.

Engineered Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring
If you want to give your home a truly distinctive appeal, consider exotic Brazilian cherry flooring.

Wood Flooring Installation
Learn about the different ways to install wood flooring and wood-look flooring.

Go bold with white wood floors!
White wood floors lift a room by creating an atmosphere that's light, airy, and calm.

Beautiful Mahogany Flooring
Easy decorating tips show you how to use the rich brown colors of African mahogany hardwood flooring.

Large range of oak floorboard styles
Oak ranks as one of the most popular flooring options available.

White Oak Hardwood Flooring 
White oak has strength, beauty, and durability with a lighter color and tighter grains.

Red Oak Flooring
Red oak flooring is gaining in popularity. Find out why.

Beautiful Jatoba Hardwood Flooring  
Jatoba hardwood is an exotic natural flooring prized for its breathtaking beauty, and superior hardness.

Decorate with Dark Wood Floors 
See our tips for decorating with dark hardwood flooring. 

Benefits of Prefinished Hardwood Flooring
Factory prefinished hardwood flooring is not only faster and easier to install, but it performs better over time.

Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Flooring
Armstrong Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring is an engineered product that offers durability and beauty.

Prefinished vs. Unfinished Hardwood Flooring
Get the details and benefits between prefinished and unfinished hardwood flooring.

How much does hardwood flooring cost?
Typically, hardwood flooring costs relate to two key factors, find out what they are.

Designing with Hardwood
Get design ideas for your hardwood floors.  Learn some tips for designing with hardwood flooring and create a space that’s all your own.

Distressed Hardwood Flooring
Character and detail define distressed hardwood flooring. Learn about our distressed hardwood floors and the history that inspired them.

Flooring Trends - Exotic Wood
For a dynamic flooring design, exotic hardwood floors offer the perfect balance between beauty and uniqueness. Durable and exciting, exotic hardwood flooring is perfect for the wow-factor.

Solid vs. Engineered
Choosing between solid and engineered hardwood flooring is an important decision. Learn about both hardwood types to find out which one is right for you.

Finishing Touches: Hardwood Trims & Moldings
Trims and moldings are essential components to a hardwood flooring installation that often get overlooked in the buying process.

Top 10 Questions About Hardwood 
Questions may come to mind about how to maintain your investment and keep it looking beautiful for years to come. Read on for the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

Hardwood Hardness Ratings: Your Buying Guide to a Durable Floor
Choosing a durable hardwood floor is made easier with a hardwood hardness scale.

Go Green with Sustainable Hardwood Flooring
With today's growing awareness of how energy consumption and waste build-up impacts the planet, many of us look for ways to "green" our homes with materials that are not only beautiful but environmentally friendly.

Take Good Care of Your Hardwood Floor So It'll Love You Back
With today's advances in wood stains and factory-sealed finishes, cleaning your hardwood floors has never been easier. Tips and tricks to make your life easier.

Vintage Hand-Scraped Hardwood Floors Designed for Modern Living
A modern look: The combination of random width boards and a vintage hand-scraped texture.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side with Exotic Tigerwood Hardwood Flooring 
The vibrant and rich look of exotic tigerwood flooring will create a room anyone would want to copy.

The Advantages of a Floating Hardwood Floor 
A floating hardwood floor can be installed over almost any kind of subfloor. Find out more.

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How to Install Laminate Flooring Like a Pro
Lock & Fold technology makes it easy to install laminate flooring.

12mm Laminate Flooring
Learn about the advantages of a thicker laminate board.

Wondering what laminate wood flooring is? 
Find out more about laminate's layered construction for added durability and see the stylish designs it comes in.

Choosing the Best Laminate Flooring
The best laminate flooring for a space is one that satisfies more than durability and great looks.

Laminate Wood Trends
Some of the hottest interior trends are reflected in today's laminate wood flooring.

Finding the best laminate flooring
Find the best laminate flooring for your home by learning the top features and benefits to consider before going floor shopping.

Laminate Flooring Installation Methods
Armstrong's locking installation technologies make installing laminate floors fast and easy.

Laminate Flooring Trends
Learn about the new laminate flooring styles being introduced by Armstrong that look more like hardwood flooring than ever before.

Laminate Flooring Collection Showcase: Coastal Living
Laminate wood floors offer the warmth and appeal of solid wood floors, but with the versatility and durability of laminate flooring. Our Coastal Living collection reflects the sand and sun with each piece of laminate flooring.

Laminate Flooring Collection Showcase: Rustic Premium
Armstrong features hand-scraped laminate flooring in our Rustics Premium Laminate Flooring Collection. See how these floors resemble hand-scraped hardwood.

What is Laminate?
Find out what laminate flooring actually is and learn about what makes laminate flooring unique compared to hardwood and other floor types.

Why Choose Laminate?
Laminate flooring allows homeowners to have flooring that resembles wood or stone. Read about the other great benefits of laminate floors!

Top 10 Questions Homeowners Ask About Laminate Flooring
Before you shop for a laminate floor, take a look at the top questions homeowners typically ask about this very popular flooring option.

Floor Care for a Long Lasting Laminate Floor
Maximize the durability of your laminate floor by following some easy care and maintenance tips.

Molding & Trim to add visual appeal to your Laminate Floor
Contrasting colors in your trim or molding can help accentuate the floor design.

DIY Laminate Flooring -- You Can Do It Yourself
Getting started on a DIY laminate flooring project? We have some great information for you, so check it out.

The Versatility of Hand-scraped Laminate Flooring
An affordable, durable and easy maintenance option with the look of hardwood. Find out more.

Laminate bathroom flooring is a great way to update the look of your bathroom
Looking to update your bathroom easily and affordably? Install a new laminate floor.

Is there such a thing as glueless laminate flooring?
There is such a thing as glueless laminate flooring with Armstrong Lock&Fold technology. Find out more.

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Why Buy Vinyl Flooring?
Vinyl is a great flooring option that fits every décor and budget. Here are 4 great reasons for choosing vinyl.

Wood Looks Where You Never Thought Possible with Luxe Plank Flooring
Armstrong Luxe Plank flooring brings the warmth and beauty of genuine wood to any room in your home, even areas that get wet.

Stone Flooring Looks from Armstrong
Stone flooring looks are so realistic, you won't even know it's vinyl!

Slate Floor Tile Design
Slate floor tile looks from Armstrong will add depth and beauty to your home.

Decorating with Linoleum
With a wide range of colors and styles, eco-friendly linoleum is becoming a popular flooring choice for homeowners.

Wood-Look Tile
Wood-look tiles offer the stunning looks of hardwood with the durability of vinyl.

Decorating with Marble Floors
Now you can afford the luxurious designs of marble flooring.

Decorating with Travertine Tile
Travertine tile looks with luxury vinyl tile benefits.

Alternative To Ceramic Tile
Ceramic tile alternatives offer all the tile features you love. Find out more.

Unique Bamboo Look Flooring
The clean, natural look and graceful simplicity of bamboo flooring is realistically captured in luxury vinyl plank.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Floors & Flooring
Plank Flooring that Offers Affordable Luxury and Worry-Free Care 

Armstrong Luxe Vinyl Waterproof Flooring
Get beautiful waterproof flooring for high moisture rooms like the bathroom, laundry room and kitchen.

Limestone Flooring Options from Armstrong
Armstrong's premium tile offers the old-world beauty of natural limestone, but with more comfortable features.

What is Vinyl Flooring?
Vinyl flooring is not only affordable, but it is also stylish and durable. Read more benefits of vinyl floors!

Alterna & Luxe
Step onto the new vinyl flooring from Armstrong. Our Alterna and Luxe Plank vinyl floors are so much like the real deal, you won’t believe your eyes—or your feet.

Alterna Is Everything You Love About Ceramic Tile – But Designed for Comfortable Living
Find out why you may want to choose Alterna luxury vinyl tile over ceramic tile for your new floor.

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Why Buy from a Local Flooring Store?
Find out why you should buy flooring from a local flooring store rather than from online discounters who may be here today and gone tomorrow.

Where to Buy Flooring?
Not sure where to buy flooring? Use this handy shopper's guide to get started on your journey to buying a new floor.

What Does FloorScore® Certification Mean? 
The FloorScore certification label on a vinyl floor ensures good indoor air quality for a healthier home.

Floor Shopping Guide – Part 1
Floor shopping can be a lot of fun – there are so many flooring options to choose from! Learn step-by-step how to narrow your choices to find the right floor for your home.

Floor Shopping Guide – Part 2
Floor shopping is fun! Learn what you need to know about shopping for a floor online, then visit a flooring store or home center to talk with a flooring expert about your selections.

Floor Shopping Guide – Part 3
Whether you plan to install your floor yourself, or hire a professional, the installation method should play a role in your floor shopping decisions.

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What is the Best Flooring for a Basement?  
Get recommendations on the flooring that is best suited for basements. 

Basement Flooring Ideas
These stylish basement flooring ideas present several design options well-suited for moisture-prone below-grade spaces.

Picture Perfect Bedroom Designs
Designing a bedroom has never been so easy with Armstrong options like hardwood, laminate, and luxury vinyl tile.

Luxurious Bathroom Designs
With the use of Armstrong premium tile and luxury vinyl plank flooring in your bathroom, you will be able to create a spa experience at home.

Flooring as a Part of Your Kitchen Design
Armstrong's kitchen design ideas will have you starting your kitchen renovation before you know it.

Decorating with Patterned Flooring
Read about the wide array of patterned flooring from Armstrong!

Black and White Floor Tiles 
A black and white flooring pattern is a must-have for retro decorating. 

Eco-Friendly Flooring Options for Every Room
There's a wide variety of eco-friendly flooring options for every room, but how do you make the right choice?

Cork Flooring Alternatives
Eco-friendly alternatives to cork flooring offer the same sustainable attributes, along with easy care and lasting durability.

Wide Plank Flooring Options
Wide plank flooring options today offer a refreshing alternative to any interior style – urban, country, or traditional, and more. 

Vibrant natural slate flooring from Armstrong
Slate-Look Flooring Captures the Qualities of Natural Stone

Online Design Tools
Use our online design tools to find the perfect floor, create and envision your new room, and estimate the cost of your flooring project!

Kitchen Flooring Design Ideas
When it comes to kitchen design ideas, you'll find inspiration in the many stylish choices available in flooring.

Bathroom Flooring Design Ideas
In high moisture areas like a bathroom it can be tricky to find flooring options with aesthetic appeal. We have the answer.

Bedroom Flooring Design Ideas
Create a beautiful space with these bedroom design ideas for any budget.

Dining Room Floor Design Ideas
Create a beautiful dining space with these dining room design ideas for any budget.

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How to Replace a Damaged Alterna Tile 
See the step-by-step process on how to remove and replace any broken or damaged Alterna tiles.

Installing Laminate Flooring
Find out how simple it can be to install a laminate floor in your home.

Why Hire a Flooring Contractor? 
Read here to see how to determine when it's better to hire a professional instead of doing it yourself.

Hardwood Floor Installation
Here is a step-by-step process to install a hardwood floor yourself.

Hire a professional or do it yourself?
Before you decide, review these considerations for installing a hardwood floor in your home.

Learn How To Install Hardwood Floors
Learn the basics about installing hardwood floors like a pro.

Installing an Armstrong Floor in Your Home
Learn about the flooring installation method for all types of hard surface flooring. The DIY level information will help you determine the projects you can do yourself.

Everything You Need to Know About Laying a Hardwood Floor
Looking to start a new DIY hardwood flooring project and don't know where to start? Read this article to help you get started.

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What Are the Best Floors for Dogs?
When it’s time to install new flooring, take a look at the many stylish options that will go the distance with your pooch.

Hardwood Floor Cleaner
Proper maintenance with the right hardwood floor cleaner helps ensure your hardwood floor will always look its best.

Best Flooring Options for Cats
Looking for new flooring and have a cat? Consider these flooring options that are ideal for your family pet.

Refinishing Hardwood Floors
Tips and methods for refinishing a dull or scratched hardwood floor.

Protecting Your Investment in Wood
Hardwood flooring is beautiful and can add value to your home. Learn how to best protect your investment with cleaning and care tips.

Easy Floor Care Tips
Read these simple floor care tips to keep your new floor looking great! Read floor care myths and learn about different techniques for all floor types.

Pet-Friendly Floors
We love our pets, but we don’t love the toll they can take on our floors. With pet-friendly flooring, you won’t have to worry about your new floor and the four-legged members of your family!

Tips for Finding the Best Vacuums for Hardwood Floors
Find out all you need to know to pick out the perfect vacuum to keep your hardwood floors looking their best.

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