Armstrong Guaranteed Installation Guide

Find more specific installation details for your vinyl or laminate flooring installation.

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Installation Training
Provides information on installation training courses offered, course outlines and the Armstrong Certified Installer Program.
PDF - 66KB
Individual Products
Provides product specifications, special precautions and recommendations on the individual products.
PDF - 141KB
Starting the Job
Describes general job site conditions such as temperature, subfloors and underlayments, and storing materials.  Also provides information on being a professional installer, training, and working safely.
Subfloors and Underlayments
Detailed specifications on recommended wood underlayments, concrete, existing resilient flooring, Polymeric Poured Floors, Metal, Ceramic Tile, Terrazzo, Marble and Trowelable Underlayments and Patches.  Includes how to conduct Bond Tests and recommended testing and acceptable moisture limits for concrete to receive resilient flooring.
PDF - 340KB
Installation Systems
Detailed information on Armstrong Installation Systems.  Outlines substrates, job conditions, fitting, adhesives, trowel notchings and step-by-step installation instructions.
PDF - 1.2MB
Adhesives, Trowel Notchings and Seam Treatments
Individual Armstrong Adhesives and Seam Treatments.  Information on application, spread rates, recommended products, product attributes, clean up and removal.
PDF - 701KB
Layout and Fitting
Instructions on layout of Resilient Sheet and Tile flooring.  Describes Pattern Scribing, Straight Scribing and Free Hand knifing methods of fitting resilient flooring.
PDF - 863KB
Provides information on pattern matching.  How to Recess Scribe, Double-Cut or Straight Edge and Butt seams.  Coating seams for High, Low and Semi Gloss Residential Sheet Floors and repairs.  Detailed instructions on Sealing Seams with S-553 and Heat Welding Seams.
PDF - 2.4MB
Flash Coving
Outlines tools, substrates, fitting and making inside and outside corners for Flash Coving.
PDF - 2.7MB
Outlines various methods of repairs for Resilient Flooring.
PDF - 58KB
Provides information on reading blue prints, estimating, sheet floors, tile, wall base, adhesives and an Estimating/Installation checklist.
PDF - 82KB
Finishing the Job
Information on Inspecting your Work, Clean Up, Protecting the Floor and Maintenance Products.
PDF - 87KB
Armstrong Installation Equipment
Information on Armstrong tools.
PDF - 164KB
Laminate Flooring
Outlines Tools, Materials Needed, Subfloor Requirements, Room Preparation, Installation, Transitions, Repairs and Care of Laminate Flooring.
PDF - 3.5MB