Hand-scraped Hardwood- Something for Everyone

Armstrong offers several hand-scraped flooring collections to provide a wide variety of wood types and colors to choose from. Learn more about the collections.

Armstrong’s hand-scraped hardwood is beautifully hand-sculpted hardwood flooring that comes in wide array of stains and finishes.  These floors combine a look that can only be achieved by a true artist.  With a rich color palate, this flooring option can be incorporated into any space to enhance your ultimate style.  The look of hand-scraped wood flooring is adaptable; it can make your space look elegant, rustic, chic, or modern—it’s all up to you!  We have different collections to get you inspired, too.  Our Legacy Manor™ Collection offers timeless beauty with a rustic, natural, relaxed feel.  Our Century Estate™ Collection is timeless and offers versatile finishes.  The Rural Living Collection is deeply scraped for a comfortable feeling but still remains stylish with today’s trends. It is effortlessly impressive, taking from the dynamic grains of the exotic Sapele wood.  The Gatsby Collection™ features solid oak and birch hardwoods for a timeless look that can’t be reproduced. Finally, our Century Farm™ Collection offers the most variety. These floors are characterized by their aged look, but finished in today’s most popular colors.  Hand-scraped hardwood flooring from Armstrong is a fabulous choice for any home.  It doesn’t matter if you like fashion-forward trends, or love a traditional feel, these floors have all the style and personality that could ever want.