How to Install Wood Flooring | Installation Videos from Armstrong Flooring
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Hardwood Installation Videos

Watch videos on hardwood installation that cover the process from start to finish.

 Installing Hardwood Floors: Estimating & Subfloor Preparation

Get ready to learn how to prepare your room for a hardwood flooring installation. Our experts will demonstrate how to remove carpeting and prepare the subfloor for a new hardwood floor. Steps include checking for moisture, removing trim, and leveling the floor.

 Installing Hardwood Floors: Lock&Fold Or Floating Floor Installation

A floating floor installation is a fast and easy DIY project. There’s no glue, staples, or nails. Boards attach to each other through a tongue-and-groove design. See how to do it yourself in this video.

 Installing Hardwood Floors: Glue-Down for Engineered Hardwood Floors

In this video, you’ll learn the five steps to completing a glue-down installation for an engineered hardwood floor. This method requires careful measuring since it’s difficult to remove boards after they’ve been installed with adhesive.

 Installing Hardwood Floors: Nail Down Solid Hardwood Installation

Learn how to install a solid hardwood floor using the nail-down installation method. This video covers all the tools you’ll need and the installation steps to create a beautiful hardwood floor yourself.

 Installing Trims and Moldings on Your Hardwood Floor

To complete your hardwood flooring installation, watch this final video in our series. You’ll learn how to install trims and moldings, take care of a few touch-ups, and cleaning tips to keep your floor looking beautiful for many years to come.