A new wood flooring collection crafted from premium grade Appalachian hardwoods and featuring wide planks and stylish colors.



Choose from a gorgeous selection of colors in this smooth and strong hardwood collection that complements traditional, contemporary, and urban décor styles.

  • Premium grade lumber in your choice of oak, maple, or hickory
  • Three plank width options – including fashion-forward 5” wide planks
  • Stunning range of colors to coordinate with any color scheme or design style

Hickory - Country Natural

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Hickory - Blackened Brown

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Hickory - Eagle Landing

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Oak - Dovetail

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Oak - Mystic Taupe

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Maple - Wine Trail

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Maple - Mountain Ice

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Maple - Canyon Gray

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Whether you prefer a strong grain and deep color or a subtle grain in natural tones, you'll find the perfect wood match in our Prime Harvest collection.

Oak is America's most popular hardwood. Its pronounced grain is instantly recognizable in any width or shade.

Maple creates a modern, elegant canvas for any room with its clean, understated graining and even coloring.

Hickory boasts a bolder design created by straight and wavy graining for a beautifully varied look.



The width of each plank can dramatically change the look of your floor.

Narrow 2-1/4" and 3-1/4" planks (known as strip flooring) create long lines in a room and convey a more traditional look and feel.

Wide planks (5") are one of the most fashional looks in home interiors today. The wide-width plank creates a sense of openness and space for a richer, more sophisticated style that elevates any room décor.


With a range of colors from the white-washed effect of Mystic Taupe to the richness of Blackened Brown, Prime Harvest can easily coordinate with furniture, wall colors, and other décor elements.



Prime Harvest features only select and premium grade Appalachian hardwoods.

Armstrong milling techniques produce straighter, flatter planks for precise installation.

We offer a Satisfaction Guarantee on Prime Harvest floors installed and maintained as described in our installation guide.

Prime Harvest Oak Solid

Oak - Berry Stained Hardwood APK2218

Oak - Blackened Brown Hardwood APK2275

Oak - Butterscotch Hardwood APK2216

Oak - Cocoa Bean Hardwood APK2277

Oak - Dovetail Hardwood APK2205

Oak - Forest Brown Hardwood APK2217

Oak - Gunstock Hardwood APK2211

Oak - Mystic Taupe Hardwood APK2232

Oak - Natural Hardwood APK2210

Oak - Oceanside Gray Hardwood APK2223

Oak - Sunset West Hardwood APK2262

Oak - Warm Caramel Hardwood APK2207

Prime Harvest Maple Solid

Maple - Americano Hardwood APM2404

Maple - Candied Yam Hardwood APM2402

Maple - Canyon Gray Hardwood APM2408

Maple - Hill Top Brown Hardwood APM2405

Maple - Midnight Sky Hardwood APM2409

Maple - Mountain Ice Hardwood APM2407

Maple - Mystic Taupe Hardwood APM2401

Maple - Natural Hardwood APM2400

Maple - Spice Brown Hardwood APM2403

Maple - Wine Trail Hardwood APM2406

Prime Harvest Hickory Solid

Hickory - Autumn Apple Hardwood APH3404

Hickory - Blackened Brown Hardwood APH2409

Hickory - Country Natural Hardwood APH2401

Hickory - Eagle Landing Hardwood APH2403

Hickory - Forest Berrie Hardwood APH2407

Hickory - Lake Forest Hardwood APH2405

Hickory - Light Black Hardwood APH2408

Hickory - Mystic Taupe Hardwood APH2400

Hickory - Sweet Tea Hardwood APH2402

Hickory - Whisper Harvest Hardwood APH2406

Prime Harvest Oak Engineered

Northern Red Oak - Blackened Brown Hardwood 4210OBB

Northern Red Oak - Butterscotch Hardwood 4210OBU

Northern Red Oak - Cocoa Bean Hardwood 4210OCB

Northern Red Oak - Natural Hardwood 4210ONA

Northern Red Oak - Oceanside Gray Hardwood 4210OG

Northern White Oak - Berry Stained Hardwood 4210OBS

Northern White Oak - Dovetail Hardwood 4210ODT

Northern White Oak - Forest Brown Hardwood 4210OFB

Northern White Oak - Gunstock Hardwood 4210OGU

Northern White Oak - Mystic Taupe Hardwood 4210OMT

Northern White Oak - Sunset West Hardwood 4210OSW

White Oak - Warm Caramel Hardwood 4210OWC