How to Get Scratches out of Wood Floors from Armstrong Flooring
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How to Get Scratches out of Hardwood Floors

See what kits are available for removing scratches from hardwood floors.

how to get scratches out of wood floors - introduction

Nicks and scratches on hardwood floors are nearly impossible to avoid. So how do you get scratches out of wood floors? Armstrong hardwood flooring touch-up kits allow you to quickly repair those imperfections and keep your floors looking like new.

Our hardwood touch-up kits are available in five different selections to complement any hardwood floor color. Click here to find the touch-up kit that matches your hardwood floor. Each kit contains everything you need to quickly and easily restore your floor to its natural beauty.

Armstrong hardwood touch-up kits can be found at Armstrong Flooring showrooms, premier and preferred retailers, home stores and through Armstrong Flooring Certified Installers. Each kit includes five filler sticks, two touch-up markers, one (1/2 oz.) container of urethane, one sanding pad and an instruction sheet.

Below is a step-by-step guide on how to remove scratches from hardwood floors using an Armstrong touch-up kit.


Before beginning any repair it’s important to first wipe the damaged area with Armstrong Hardwood & Laminate Cleaner. If the scratches are fairly deep they may need to be sanded lightly with 100 grit sandpaper followed by 220 grit sandpaper.

 removing scratches from hardwood floors - preparation

 Staining, Urethane and Filler Stick

how to remove scratches from hardwood floors - staining and filler stick

Next apply the stain following the directions on the touch-up marker. Begin with the lighter color and progress to darker colors in the kit, if necessary. Wipe excess stain using a clean dry or damp cloth. Several applications may be needed to remove the scratches from your hardwood floor. Allow stain to dry thoroughly before moving to the next step.

After the stain is dry, apply a light even coat of urethane using a soft cloth. Allow 30 minutes to dry then apply a second coat. This coat should be allowed to dry a minimum of four hours. Then rub lightly with a sanding pad and wipe clean. Apply a third coat and allow 30 more minutes to dry. The urethane not only protects the repair for long lasting durability, its fast dry time allows you to resume foot traffic quickly.

Filler Stick
The filler stick can be used to touch up nicks, chips and small scratches on Armstrong laminate flooring. Simply rub the stick over the damaged area and fill in the gouge or crack. Remove excess from the flooring surface with a clean cloth and a small amount of Armstrong Hardwood & Laminate Cleaner.

Being proactive with the care and maintenance of your hardwood floor will help retain its natural beauty for years to come.