New Armstrong Laminate Flooring Ads

See the new Armstrong laminate flooring ads and learn more about the ad campaign that features celebrity look-alikes.

Janis Joplin in Coastal Living: White Wash Campfire (L3064)Laminate Flooring:  It only looks like the real thing.  This is the slogan that Armstrong has adopted when talking about our laminate, and for a good reason.  Armstrong laminate floors offer a striking resemblance to their hardwood counterparts, plus some added durability.  The look-alikes that appear in the advertisements also have a striking resemblance to the actors and artists they portray.  With the likes of Bruce Lee, Sammy Davis Jr., and Janis Joplin, it is hard to distinguish the clone from the real deal.  Much attention has been paid to the nationally-run campaign as Armstrong continues to promote the realistic look of its laminate flooring products.  Armstrong encourages customers to order a sample of their laminate or see the product at a local flooring store to see the realism in person.  The laminate ads offer a little whimsy and showcase a great product.  After all, Armstrong laminate only looks like the real thing.