Tips for Installing Laminate Flooring from Armstrong Flooring
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Laminate Flooring Installation Methods

Armstrong Flooring’s interlocking installation technology makes installing laminate fast and easy.

Tips on how to install laminate floors

It’s easy to learn how to install laminate flooring. You don’t need any special skills or tools. Laminate products from Armstrong Flooring in the premium and best collections feature our interlocking flooring solution, also known as Lock&Fold®, the fastest and easiest installation system available. Laminate floors in the good, better and best collections use the Armalock® system for an easy, glueless installation. Both systems are called “floating floors” because individual boards join to each other and “float” above the subfloor. No nails or glue are needed.

Check out this quick start guide to installing laminate flooring, plus tips to keep your project running smoothly. In the laminate flooring installation area, you’ll find helpful guides and installation instructions for all our laminate products.

Easy steps on how to install laminate flooring

  • Download detailed installation instructions for the laminate product you purchased. Always refer to the installation instructions for complete information on how to install laminate flooring.
  • Assemble materials and tools.
  • Prepare the subfloor, making sure it is clean, flat, dry and smooth.
  • Roll out Armstrong Quiet Comfort or Quiet Comfort Premium underlayment along the starting wall in the direction that you will be installing the flooring and cut to length. To ensure a smooth and even surface for your flooring, do not overlap edges. Installation over concrete may require additional moisture barrier sheeting. Check the installation instructions.
  • Begin installing laminate boards on the left side of the room and work right. Always start with the tongue facing the wall.
  • For Lock&Fold, join boards in a two-step process by locking them together, then folding into position
  • For Armalock, angle boards into a position that allows edges to lock together before folding them down into position.
  • Use spacers to allow for expansion gaps where the boards meet the wall. When you reach the end of the row, measure and trim to fit.
  • Begin the second row with the cut from the last piece in the first row. Stagger end joints of all boards 8” or more for a more attractive appearance.
  • For the last row, measure each board for width as you go. Rooms are rarely perfectly square, so you may have to custom-cut each board to fit.
  • Finish the floor by installing trim and molding. Remove all spacers, attach the moldings to the wall or the subfloor material not the flooring.

Tips on how to install laminate flooring

  • Purchase 10-15% more laminate material than your room actually calls for to cover any waste from cuts or mistakes.
  • The wall where you start installing the new floor should be more visible than your ending wall.
  • Create a good visual effect by mixing boards from 3 –4 different boxes at the same time.

Beautiful, affordable and durable, Armstrong laminate flooring brings the unmistakable look of hardwood, ceramic tile or natural stone to any room in your home. Its versatility and easy installation make laminate one of the most popular flooring options available.