Laminate Floor Molding

The right trim and molding give your laminate floor a beautiful, finished look.

The right trim and molding add visual appeal to your laminate flooring, and they also perform an important role in the installation process. These flooring finishing pieces cover the spaces allowed for a laminate floor to expand and move naturally on top of the subfloor, plus they smoothly bridge transitions to an adjacent floor of the same or different material.

Trim and molding are coordinated to match your laminate floor, although you can also select contrasting colors to accentuate the floor design. Whether you choose the natural look of wood, stone or ceramic laminate flooring, Armstrong carries a complete selection of trim and molding to provide the finishing touches.

Standard trim and molding options for laminate flooring include quarter round molding, baby threshold molding, flush stairnose, overlap step nose, multi-purpose reducer and t-molding.

Quarter Round Molding – Finishes the space where laminate flooring meets the wall or baseboard.

Baby Threshold – A versatile trim used to bridge slight vertical height differences at sliding glass doors, along wall bases, door thresholds, fireplaces and where laminate flooring meets another floor covering, such as carpet. It’s also used where quarter round molding and wall base can’t be used.

Flush Stairnose – A molding that connects to laminate boards, forming the same plane or level surface. Used for stairs, step downs and landings to create an attractive edge for protection against the impact of foot traffic, while providing a finished appearance to the staircase or step.

Overlap Step Nose – Used where the flooring meets a step down or landing. Similar to a flush stair nose in function, yet has a slightly raised profile.

Multi-Purpose Reducer – A molding with a slight slope that provides a smooth transition from laminate flooring to another type of flooring, like vinyl or carpet. It is also used to complete the space where laminate flooring ends against a vertical surface and where quarter round and wall base can’t be used.

T-Molding – Used where laminate flooring continues through a doorway or passageway into another room. It serves to finish the transition between two pieces of laminate flooring.

Molding and trim provide subtle yet important defining visual effects that contribute to a decorative and satisfyingly complete look to your laminate floor installation.


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