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Global Reclaim - Worldy Hue

Afzelia laminate flooring review - L3030
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love our WORLDLY HUE floor!
May 15, 2015

our 18 year old house has been in need of reno for a while ... our carpets (2nd) had become ugly germ and allergy magnets ... We built on slab, so hardwood was not an option, unless we ripped out our kitchen tile (that we like) and built a sub-floor (a lot of extra money too) ... We liked some other laminates but hesitated, as it wasn't actual hard wood (impractical anyway) ... kinda stuck, we came upon Armstrong's relatively new series of laminates, Global Reclaim ... we were intrigued by the "Worldly Hue", and it's variety of color, textural & scraping look, and low gloss ... we decided we had found THE best alternative to wood ... we had it professionally installed by a local contractor, Manor Floors (Manalapan, NJ) are were pleased with the price, service, and clean pro job ... They used a variety of cut sizes to minimize "repeated" lengths, adding to the realism ... We marvel at our floors ... our best house upgrade decision in many years .

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By dzwis from Manalapan Township, NJ


Afzelia laminate flooring review - L3030
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Great Flooring
March 2, 2015

Easy to install great look and super easy to clean! Would definitely purchase this again!

By Traciev from Flushing, MI

Rustics - Dakota Oak

Dakota oak laminate review - L6540
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Beautiful flooring product.
February 25, 2015

We had the Dakota Oak installed a few years ago in all rooms , to include stairs, except kitchen and baths. We receive many compliments on it. Easy to maintain and have had no issues. Avoid dragging heavy furniture or items or you can end up with light scratches. In all, I love having to replace all the carpeting with this Armstrong flooring. I recommend it.

By Justjudy from Oceanside, CA

Weathered Way - Euro Terracotta

Euro Terracotta laminate review - L6577
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Love the look of the floor
February 21, 2015

I just had this floor installed about two weeks ago. I would recommend that you have it done professionally since the planks are large and not like the other wood look laminates. Even my contractors said it's much harder to install than most other laminates. It makes the room look much larger and I love the randomness of the stones. It appears to be very easy to take care of and like other laminates you have to watch any liquids on the floor. I'd certainly recommend this particular laminate.

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By tomcat260 from Pennsylvania


Cabreuva laminate flooring review - L3025
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GREAT flooring
February 15, 2015

We installed this flooring almost 7 years ago and it still looks amazing. We've had many people mistake it for "real" hardwood. So glad we went with this instead of some of the cheaper stuff we looked at. I was actually coming on here to see if they still make it as we are considering extending it into another room. My father and I installed it ourselves.

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By cobi from CO

X-Grain Khaki/Rough Cut Khaki

Khaki laminate flooring review - L6602
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January 30, 2015

We just installed this floor in my office, and I love it! It's beautiful, looks high end and doesn't have that "laminate" feel. The neutral color and sheen are just perfect for the farmhouse eclectic look I'm going for. I've gotten so many compliments on it already, and I can't wait to install this floor throughout our downstairs.

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By Stephanie from California

Presidential Oak

Presidential oak laminate review - L3072
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We love our floor!
January 28, 2015

The Presidential Oak has completely changed the look of our home for the better. It’s so easy to clean with a dust mop and it absolutely glistens. It made the kitchen look so much bigger and the house in general looks warm, inviting and we are proud that its in our home.

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By LadyBug from Nebraska

Woodland Reclaim - Old Original Wood Brown

Woodland Reclaim laminate review - L6626
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installer reveiw
January 6, 2015

Hello, just have to say , I have been installing laminate flooring professionally for about 14 years. this it one of my favorites installs nicely and looks sweet. I like it so much its going in 80% of my own home. the only down side is that it takes 25% more time, because of the pattern layout and multi color species, but well worth the extra effort!

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By Rich01

Castilian Block - Puesta del Sol

Castilian Block laminate review - L6543
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Beautiful Floor
December 14, 2014

We had this laminate installed in our kitchen/dining room. It looks great and doesn't show dirt, easy to clean, too! Would definitely recommend this floor!

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By DolphinGirl from Michigan

Forestry Mix - White Washed

Forestry Mix laminate review - L6620
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Thrilled with the look
December 14, 2014

We recently installed this over a cheesy Home Depot parquet in our sunroom, and are delighted with the result. Visitors to our house are amazed at the change. The old floor was not perfectly level, but the laminate is perfectly flat with no noise or squishiness.We do not yet have any input as to durability and ease of cleaning, but will take Armstrong's word for it. Actually prefer the appearance of this product to real hardwood. Money well spent.

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By Bobnj from Nutley, NJ

Brazilian Jatoba

Brazilian Jatoba laminate review - L3023
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Beautiful look, transformed room
October 28, 2014

The flooring actually made the room look larger. Shows well. Installation once you get the hang of it worked well. Be careful if using blocks to lock in the pieces as it can bend up the corners which can show with the shiny surface.

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By Woody from PA

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