Luxury Vinyl Flooring Reviews

Read luxury vinyl flooring reviews from some of our customers. Find out how they feel about their Armstrong luxury vinyl and vinyl plank flooring purchase.

Durango - Cream Luxury Vinyl Flooring

City/State: Webster, NY
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Very happy with our Alterna floor!

July 8, 2012

We had Alterna flooring installed just over a year ago, in Durango Cream with Driftwood Grout. It's in our kitchen, entry hall from garage, and powder room - so very high traffic areas. We've been very pleased with how it looks, how durable it is, and how easy it is to keep clean. It looks so much nicer than our old sheet vinyl floor - people think it's ceramic tile, but then they realize how soft and comfortable it is underfoot, and not cold like tile. We definitely recommend this product!

Durango - Deep Gold Luxury Vinyl Flooring

5 Star

City/State: Fullerton, CA
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Installed 3 months ago, very happy so far

June 20, 2012

I had this floor installed when a previous, old (38 years) and worn asbestos vinyl tile floor was destroyed by a flood. Insurance paid for an average quality replacement floor, but I wanted a high quality floor and was willing to pay extra for it. I researched all types of floors and settled on this floor. It was professionally installed, which I recommend since the floor prep involved grinding the underlying concrete slab to make it absolutely smooth. I chose to not use "grout". The floor looks very good. Almost all visitors ask about it since it looks like ceramic tile. Following installation I had furniture moved back on it and was somewhat afraid of possibly scratching the vinyl, but this has not occurred even with sliding furniture on it. It cleans very easily. I cannot comment on its long-term durability since I have had it only three months but I am expecting a long life for it.

Durango - Clay Luxury Vinyl Flooring

5 Star

City/State: Pennsylvania
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

New installation, so far so good.

June 1, 2012

Nice quality product, natural look of stone. Went with groutless installation, seemed like less maintenance issues.

English Walnut - Hazelnut Luxury Vinyl Flooring

City/State: Edmonton, AB, Canada
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Installers View

May 27, 2012

As a twenty two year installer of all kinds of flooring, this product blew me away. It is durable, easy to clean and has a wear layer that is tough as nails. I finished installing a job and was blown away by the appearance of the flooring and the complete happiness of the client. I will be using Luxe plank throughout my entire home as we are getting ready to build. I have 3 animals two small kids and a teenager, no fear luxe is here. Thumbs up from a veteran in the flooring industry, and that's quite a statement considering the amount of products i have installed over the years. Great product Armstrong!!

Durango - Bleached Sand  Luxury Vinyl Flooring

City/State: Holland, MI
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Beautiful flooring

May 16, 2012

This floor is beautiful in my bathroom and laundry room and easy to clean and great for the area.

Moselle Valley - Sunrise Luxury Vinyl Flooring

City/State: Stamford, CT
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Eye candy that's also great on the feet

May 16, 2012

I've only had it five days, but so far I absolutely love it. My Alterna tile replaces thirty year old sheet vinyl, and the difference is indescribable! Kudos to the people that invented this product. I e-mailed photos to friends and family who could barely believe that it isn't stone, porcelain, or ceramic. I also had it grouted which makes it look all-the-more realistic.

I've already tested it's durability--I accidentally dropped a new range hood on my new floor, and the steel corner of this heavy object left not a trace of damage to the Alterna.

I didn't comment on the ease of installation, as I had professionals install it. In addition, the product brochure says to wait five days to clean it, so I have yet to do so.

I expect to get many years of enjoyment out of my new floor, in fact I like it so much, that I've decided to extend it from the hallway and kitchen into the dining room. Highly recommended!

Talus - Lichen Green Luxury Vinyl Flooring

City/State: Rochester, NY
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Beautiful, recommended by installer

May 8, 2012

Beautiful floor, goes with our kitchen colors. Installation was done professionally. We don't know about durability yet, our jack russell terrier will test it. But installer stated this is the only flooring he would install in his home. After the first cleaning, to remove grout haze, further cleanings were a breeze.

Mesa Stone - Canyon Shadow Luxury Vinyl Flooring

City/State: Holt, Delhi Charter Township, MI
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Beautiful and natural looking

May 3, 2012

We had the Alterna installed this winter and love it! It is not cold and hard like tile, but has fooled many guests. It has held up excellently to our 90 pound dog's nails. The texture and color pattern disguises pet hair well. It cleans easily with the vacuum. Our neighbor has had it for nearly 2 years and it still looks like new.

Mesa Stone - Beige Luxury Vinyl Flooring

City/State: Lancaster, NY
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Armstrong did an excellent job in creating this product with the look and feel of ceramic tile

May 3, 2012

We had Armstrong Alterna Mesa Stone professionally installed in our kitchen, hallway,hall closet and small bath. We also had the grout added. Just beautiful, looks like and feels like real ceramic tile, easy to clean using Armstrong once and done cleaner. Armstrong did a wonderful job with creating this flooring. It is not cold like ceramic tile. When company comes over to visit, they think it is real ceramic tile. They are just amazed at the look of Alterna. We would highly recommend this product.

Mesa Stone - Charcoal Luxury Vinyl Flooring

City/State: Omaha, NE
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

I love my new floor!

March 19, 2012

I recently had the Mesa Stone flooring installed in my newly remodeled kitchen (professional installer). It is beautiful and I have received many compliments! Several friends thought it was real slate because of the relief on the tile. I opted for a lighter grout (mushroom) than what was recommended in the literature.

I wasn't able to give an install or cleaning recommendation since I hired a professional to install and haven't had a need to clean it yet.

I give this product a thumbs up!

Mesa Stone - Beige

5 Star

City/State: North Carolina
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Awesome product 
December 29, 2011

Purchased this flooring for our kitchen and it looks great. Can't tell it's vinyl, really looks and feels like ceramic/stone but not cold. It even has the texture of stone. I highly recommend it, Armstrong is on to something with this. I would use it again.

Exotic Fruitwood - Honey Spice

City/State: Windsor, CT
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

So disappointed 

December 26, 2011

When the installer left out house at 3:30pm we were thrilled with how the floor looked. It really was beautiful and we were very happy. However, the next morning when I got up I noticed a scratch, then another, and another....after only 6 hours of use! We did nothing unusual on the floor. This occurred with normal use (walking back and forth, getting up from the dinner table, etc). Read the Armstrong warrantee very carefully, because the installer informed me that this damage is not covered. We went with this floor because durability was a very big deal to us. Additionally, two of the planks started coming up in this same timeframe. This product is far too fragile to be used as flooring! My hope is that the company that did the installation and recommended it will not abandon us and help make this right.

Multi-Stone - Cream

5 Star

City/State: Illinois, USA
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

The easiest floor I have ever had to clean.

December 17, 2011

What a gorgeous floor to have in my home. I love the look the Armstrong Alterna brings to my kitchen. I would definitely recommend this floor to anyone, and I would have this floor installed again. The only thing I would do differently would be to check out more of the colors. The selection is awesome.

Peruvian Walnut - Tropical Coast

City/State: Oviedo, FL
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Excellent Product 

December 9, 2011

We just installed 330 square feet of this product in the living room, kitchen and hallway. It looks beautiful, was easy to work with and install, and it cleans easily. We love our new floors. I plan to install it in more of the house.

Exotic Fruitwood - Honey Spice

Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Looks good but question durabilty.

December 6, 2011

Had 960 sq ft of this put down because it is suppose to be durable. Seems like everything that touches it leaves a scuff mark or a scratch on it. Even light weight furniture with wheels leaves an indention in it. Very disatisfied with this product for what it cost. Had it professionally installed due to health reason but installation look easy.

Durango - Clay

City/State: Menomonee Falls, WI
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Very sophisticated appearance. 

December 3, 2011

I am so pleased with the Amstrong Alterna Durango Clay floor. With the grouted lines and the textures in the tile it has the sophisticated appearance of a stone floor.

Tuscan Path - Cameo Brown

City/State: Reynoldsburg, OH
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner


December 1, 2011

The floor is great looking, feels great under foot, and easy to clean.

Timber Bay - Barnyard Gray

State: Kauai, Hawaii
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Great Value 

November 23, 2011

Easy to clean, looks awesome, less maintenance. Installs easily.


Install this durable, waterproof, wood-look floor anywhere in your home.



Realistic stone visuals on a soft, welcoming surface.