Use an Online Design Tool to Find Your Floor

Use our online design tools to find the perfect floor, create and envision your new room, and estimate the cost of your flooring project!

Online Design Tools

This is the year you’re finally going to get that new floor you’ve been dreaming about. Let’s start planning! Armstrong has several online home design tools to help you find that perfect floor. Maybe you already have an idea of the type of floor you want or maybe you prefer to keep all your options on the table. Either way, with these tools, you can find the floor that works with your room, your design style and your budget.

Design a Room
This tool helps you visualize the room you have in mind. Try different floors, looks and colors in a variety of room styles to create the room scene you like best.

Step 1: Choose a room and design style (e.g., Kitchen – Contemporary, Bathroom – Traditional, etc.)
Step 2: Select flooring, look or pattern type, wall color, and cabinets (kitchen only)
Step 3: Save your favorite room scenes to My Project

Floor Finder
This tool steps you through the flooring selection process to find a floor based on: room type, look, size of household, installation method and budget. After you select the answers that fit your situation, Floor Finder shows you recommended flooring options.

My Project and Project Estimator
With My Project, a design organizing tool, you can store your favorite flooring products from Armstrong and the room scenes that inspire you all in one place. After you’ve selected the floors you like, use the Project Estimator to calculate the approximate cost of a full flooring project.

Choosing a floor has never been so easy – or so much fun!


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