Hardwood Flooring Products

Armstrong Hardwood Flooring. Expertly crafted using the finest domestic and exotic hardwoods. From the rustic, old-world charm of hand-scraped hardwoods to the more classic, traditional hardwood floors sanded to smooth perfection. Take a moment to browse our vast selection of hardwood flooring products.

Cherry - Bronze Hardwood GCC452BZLG

Cherry - Copper Kettle Hardwood E5614

Cherry - Natural Hardwood GCC452NALG

Cherry - Sangria Hardwood E5615

Hickory - Antique Natural Hardwood EHK10LG

Hickory - Sunset Sand Hardwood EHK77LG

Maple - Cappuccino Hardwood CM3745

Maple - Caramel Hardwood CM3736

Maple - Cherry Hardwood CM3728

Maple - Chesapeake Hardwood EMA61LG

Maple - Cinnamon Hardwood CM3733

Maple - Cocoa Brown Hardwood SCM131COLG

Maple - Country Natural Hardwood CM3710

Maple - Grand Canyon Hardwood EMA60LG

Maple - Hazelnut Hardwood CM3715

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