Hardwood Flooring by Armstrong

Hardwood flooring has never been more popular. Armstrong’s hardwood floors are designed to match any décor – from sophisticated contemporary to distinctive, hand-scraped rustic. Hardwood flooring is suitable for most areas of your home, and all of our floors are backed by Armstrong’s industry-leading warranties. Trust Armstrong hardwood floors for a lifetime of enjoyment.

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Scraped hickory and oak hardwood
in regionally inspired colors.

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Long-lasting beauty and durability. That’s what you expect from an Armstrong hardwood floor. Learn more about the advantages of buying a hardwood floor and the variety of hardwood floors available from Armstrong in this short video. For more information, we encourage you to contact your local flooring store for help with your hardwood flooring purchase.

Customer Review

I love my floors! The look of the room was transformed into this warm, natural, calming flow of wood. I love how easily I can keep the floors clean and the shine is just enough. When the grandchildren spill something, the touch up is quick and no problem. Just spill grape juice on your carpets, then spill grape juice on my hardwood floor - I'll be back to reading a story to my grandbabies before you can even get all your carpet cleaning equipment out of the closet. I love my floors! View hardwood flooring

Blue Ridge, VA

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Hardwood Performance: Kids, Pets and Durability

Kids, Pets and Durability

Hardwood flooring can be durable and hard as nails, but sports shoes with cleats, a stone in a sneaker tread or pet claws are examples of things that can leave significant scratches. For hardwood flooring areas with high traffic, or in rooms off foyers, a please-remove-shoes-at-the-door policy is a helpful rule to institute.

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DIY Hardwood Floors - My Project


We’ve made it easy for you to figure out how much your hardwood flooring project may cost with our flooring estimator tool. This tool will estimate the total cost of your project – from buying the hardwood flooring to replacing the subfloor and installing your new floor. It’s easy to use – just select a product below, then click on “Get Estimate.”


We offer hundreds of hardwood flooring products. To narrow your choices, use the menu on the left side of the page. As you browse the hardwood floor options, keep in mind there is a wide range of wood species. Each species offers a unique look and texture. We encourage you to visit your local flooring store to see the differences for yourself.

Here’s a quick description of our collections:

  • Our traditional hardwood floors are crafted from enduring American hardwood trees like cherry, oak and maple.
  • For a country look that works for a farmhouse as well as an urban loft, consider one of our hand-scraped hardwood floors with its hand-crafted appeal.
  • Go for a unique rustic, weathered look with our distressed hardwood floors.
  • Our exotic hardwoods are remarkable for their striking natural colors and bold detailed graining.

Need more help choosing a hardwood floor? View our hardwood flooring guide for more information.

From engineered wood to solid hardwood to parquet wood flooring, Armstrong hardwood floors and Bruce® hardwood floors are strong and durable and ready for today's busy lifestyles. All Armstrong hardwood flooring is sold “pre-finished.” That means you won’t have any of the issues with site-finished hardwood flooring: there's no dust from sanding, no fumes from chemicals and no waiting for the finish to dry.

With hundreds of hardwood flooring options available, how do you know which floor is right for your home? A key consideration for choosing your hardwood floor is the look you want. The room’s lighting – both natural and artificial – will affect the appearance of your hardwood floor. Think about where your light sources are. Does the room get a lot of sunlight or do you rely on the warm ambiance from lamp fixtures? To see how the hardwood floor you like looks with the lighting in your home, consider getting a hardwood sample from your retailer.

When choosing hardwood flooring, there are several factors to consider, among them: finish, color, style & texture and gloss level. Gloss level is all cosmetic. That is, the level of gloss you choose won’t affect your floor’s performance or durability; it’s a matter of personal preference. But here’s a tip: low gloss hardwood floors tend to hide the appearance of minor scratches, while higher gloss floors can make scratches look more obvious. 

Armstrong is proud to include Homerwood Premium Hardwood and T. Morton Handcrafted Hardwood as part of the Armstrong family of brands.