Ash Hardwood Flooring

Armstrong’s ash flooring has a bold look that will enhance any room. With interesting graining, ash flooring is perfect for a modern space. For a home that has a more classic design, try light-colored ash flooring.

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Ash - Butterscotch Hardwood CB2616

2 Options Available

Ash - Cherry Hardwood CB2618

2 Options Available

Ash - Gunstock Hardwood CB2611

4 Options Available

Ash - Natural Hardwood CB2610

2 Options Available

Ash - Spice Hardwood CB2614

2 Options Available


For a look unlike any other hardwood floor species, consider ash flooring. Ash flooring’s warm, bright tones will make your room look more spacious and its natural color will complement any décor. Ash flooring has excellent stain and wear-resistant qualities, making it a popular choice for kitchens and dining rooms and other areas of your home where you may entertain.

Grown throughout the Eastern U.S., ash hardwood is linked to the olive family because of the similarity of the woods’ oils. There are two types of ash hardwoods: white and black. White ash flooring ranges in color from a pale yellow to light brown, while black ash flooring is available in an array of colors, from tan to medium brown.