Bruce Hardwood Floors

Browse all Bruce hardwood flooring products, including engineered wood floors and distressed floors. Bruce hardwood flooring is known for its durability, yet it’s also affordable. Find the perfect solution to achieving strong, beautiful hardwood floors with Bruce.

Cherry - Sangria Hardwood E5615

Hickory - Antique Natural Hardwood EHK10LG

Hickory - Sunset Sand Hardwood EHK77LG

Maple - Cappuccino Hardwood CM3745

Maple - Caramel Hardwood CM3736

Maple - Cherry Hardwood CM3728

Maple - Chesapeake Hardwood EMA61LG

Maple - Cinnamon Hardwood CM3733

Maple - Country Natural Hardwood CM3710

Maple - Grand Canyon Hardwood EMA60LG

Maple - Hazelnut Hardwood CM3715

Maple - Liberty Brown Hardwood EMA62LG

Maple - Natural Hardwood CM3700

Maple - Ponderosa Hardwood EMA63LG

Maple - Santa Fe Hardwood EMA64LG

Maple - Shenandoah Hardwood ER7365

Maple - Sumatra Hardwood CM3735

Oak - Antique Hardwood CR2255

Oak - Butterscotch Hardwood CB1526

Oak - Cherry Hardwood CB1528

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