Bruce Hardwood Floors

Browse all Bruce hardwood flooring products, including engineered wood floors and distressed floors. Bruce hardwood flooring is known for its durability, yet it’s also affordable. Find the perfect solution to achieving strong, beautiful hardwood floors with Bruce.

Oak - Butter Rum/Toffee Hardwood C5216

Oak - Butterrum Hardwood CB1259

Oak - Calico Brown Hardwood EHM5205

Oak - Desert Natural Hardwood C5061

Oak - Dune Hardwood CB1232

Oak - Espresso Hardwood CB1275

Oak - Harvest Hardwood EAK24LG

Oak - Mellow Hardwood C5014

Oak - Sierra Hardwood C5062

Oak - Walnut Hardwood C5031

Oak - Woodstock Hardwood EAK27LG

Red Oak - Natural Hardwood ABC400

Birch - Clove Hardwood E3507

Birch - Derby Hardwood E3562

Birch - Natural Hardwood E3500

Birch - Peppercorn Hardwood E3524

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