Dark-Brown Hardwood

Browse our dark hardwood floors and see which ones interest you.

Scraped hickory and oak hardwood in
regionally inspired colors.

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Hickory - Forest Berrie Hardwood APH2407

Maple - Americano Hardwood APM2404

Maple - Hill Top Brown Hardwood APM2405

Oak - Blackened Brown Hardwood APK2275

Oak - Mocha Hardwood SAMV5MC

Northern Red Oak - Espresso Hardwood E3314

Maple - Cappuccino Hardwood CM3745

Maple - Cocoa Brown Hardwood SCM131COLG

Maple - Liberty Brown Hardwood EMA62LG

Maple - Shenandoah Hardwood ER7365

Oak - Antique Hardwood CR2255


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Walnut - Chickory Hardwood E5576

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