Distressed Wood Flooring

Distressed wood flooring is developed from handcrafted staining and distressed techniques in order to create a naturally aged, rustic floor. The character of Armstrong distressed hardwood will give your home a timeless warmth and appeal.

Cherry - Copper Kettle Hardwood E5614

Cherry - Sangria Hardwood E5615

Hickory - Antique Natural Hardwood EHK10LG

Hickory - Sunset Sand Hardwood EHK77LG

Maple - Chesapeake Hardwood EMA61LG

Maple - Grand Canyon Hardwood EMA60LG

Maple - Liberty Brown Hardwood EMA62LG

Maple - Ponderosa Hardwood EMA63LG

Maple - Santa Fe Hardwood EMA64LG

Maple - Shenandoah Hardwood ER7365

Oak - Antique Hardwood CR2255

Oak - Dakota Cherry Hardwood EAK74LG

Oak - Durango Hardwood EAK71LG

Oak - Honey Hardwood CR2250

Oak - Mojave Hardwood EAK69LG

Walnut - Chickory Hardwood E5576

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With flooring trends pointing to timeworn and natural wood looks, distressed hardwood floors fit the trends perfectly. The word “distressed” refers to a type of surface treatment. In this flooring category, hardwood floors are intentionally distressed to create an aged and worn appearance. Distressing techniques involve the use of an embossing roll and color-washing to produce subtle character marks, pits and nail holes. Distressed hardwood floors are a good choice for high traffic areas because they help hide scuff marks and high heel indentations.

Distressed wood floors are available in both solid hardwood and engineered wood construction. Armstrong offers several distressed wood flooring collections with a variety of stains and finishes for unusual rustic looks.