Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Floors

Brazilian cherry hardwood floors by Armstrong offer incredible durability with an amazing, exotic coloring. For a truly original style that will be envied by all, choose Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring. This is one of our hardest wood species, so heavy traffic isn't an issue and with extraordinary looks, beauty isn't one either.

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Exotic hardwood floors offer a breathtaking look that will make your guests stop and take notice when they walk into your home. Brazilian cherry is one of the most popular exotic hardwoods, and it’s easy to see why. These floors are naturally rich in colors that range from russet red to marmalade brown when brand new, turning to warm cherry brown over time. Brazilian cherry is accented with darker striations that will enhance any interior design style. Beyond its beauty, Brazilian cherry flooring is harder and more durable than any North American hardwood, plus its lustrous satin finish is easy to maintain.

The exotic look of Brazilian cherry flooring increases your decorating options. For an elegant room with a modest design scheme, choose furnishings in soft white with earthy and neutral accents to heighten the drama of your Brazilian cherry floor. Or let the striking beauty of Brazilian cherry join forces with bold, bright colors like red, yellow and teal for a lively and inviting space.

Brazilian cherry hardwood is native to the Caribbean, Central and South America. Armstrong’s commitment to the environment and to protecting the world’s tropical forests ensures that our exotic hardwoods, including Brazilian cherry hardwood, come from sustainable, renewable and socially conscious sources from around the world.