Jatoba Flooring

An extension of Armstrong’s exotic Valenza Hardwood collection, Jatoba flooring holds inherent beauty. Choose from engineered or solid hardwood Jatoba flooring.

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Jatoba flooring is in our “best” performance class. It’s notable for its denseness and durability, ranking near the top of the Janka hardness scale. Sourced from the rare Jatoba tree found in the Amazon rainforest and in tropical Central America, Jatoba flooring is one of Armstrong’s most popular flooring choices.

Searching for a hardwood floor with rich coloring? Look no further. Jatoba flooring has a lustrous, brilliant color, with tones ranging from medium brown to dark red. You should be aware that Jatoba flooring, like other similar exotics, will change to a rich red color when exposed to sunlight. If you prefer to minimize this effect, keep your blinds or curtains drawn during the most intense periods of sunshine. The type of finish applied to Jatoba flooring will determine how fast the color changes.