Hickory Hardwood Flooring

Make a statement with Armstrong's hickory hardwood floors. Available in rustic, distressed looks, hickory wood floors will definitely be a bold move for your new floor. Pair our hickory hardwood flooring with warm colors for a cozy, cottage design or combine with odds and ends for an eclectic feeling.

Hickory - Antique Natural Hardwood EHK10LG

Hickory - Sunset Sand Hardwood EHK77LG

Hickory - Antler Brown Hardwood SPW4508

Hickory - Evening Shadow Hardwood SPW4509

Hickory - Falcon Brown Hardwood EHK94LG

Hickory - Frontier Shadow Hardwood C0789

Hickory - Golden Spice/Smokey Topaz Hardwood EHK78LG

Hickory - Natural Hardwood ABC3717

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