High Gloss Hardwood

Need some shine in your space? Armstrong's high-gloss hardwood floors will dazzle in every variety offered and make any room look brilliant. High-gloss hardwood floors make a dramatic statement and we have hundreds for you to choose from.

Oak - Berry Stained Hardwood APK2218

Oak - Blackened Brown Hardwood APK2275

Oak - Butterscotch Hardwood APK2216

Oak - Cocoa Bean Hardwood APK2277

Oak - Dovetail Hardwood APK2205

Oak - Forest Brown Hardwood APK2217

Oak - Gunstock Hardwood APK2211

Oak - Mystic Taupe Hardwood APK2232

Oak - Natural Hardwood APK2210

Oak - Oceanside Gray Hardwood APK2223

Oak - Sunset West Hardwood APK2262

Oak - Warm Caramel Hardwood APK2207

Oak - Cherry Hardwood CB1528

Oak - Fawn Hardwood CB1534

Oak - Saddle Hardwood CB1527

Oak - Seashell Hardwood CB1530

Oak - Spice Hardwood CB1524

Oak - Winter White Hardwood CB1523

Ash - Butterscotch Hardwood CB2616

Ash - Cherry Hardwood CB2618

Ash - Gunstock Hardwood CB2611

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