Low Gloss Hardwood

Keep it laid-back and casual with Armstrong's low-gloss hardwood floors. Simplicity and beauty are the keys to a relaxing area. Low-gloss hardwood floors look beautiful when accented by distressing or hand-scraping. Be sure to browse all the styles of low-gloss hardwood.

Maple - Chesapeake Hardwood EMA61LG

Maple - Cinnamon Hardwood SCM131CILG

Maple - Cocoa Brown Hardwood SCM131COLG

Maple - Country Natural Hardwood SCM131CULG

Maple - Grand Canyon Hardwood EMA60LG

Maple - Liberty Brown Hardwood EMA62LG

Maple - Midnight Hardwood SCM131MDLG

Maple - Pewter Hardwood SCM131PWLG

Maple - Ponderosa Hardwood EMA63LG

Maple - Santa Fe Hardwood EMA64LG

Maple - Shenandoah Hardwood ER7365

Maple - Toasted Almond Hardwood SCM131TALG

Oak - Antique Hardwood CR2255

Oak - Dakota Cherry Hardwood EAK74LG

Oak - Durango Hardwood EAK71LG

Oak - Honey Hardwood CR2250

Oak - Mojave Hardwood EAK69LG

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