Maple Hardwood Flooring

Armstrong's maple hardwood floors are limitless and impressive. Their strong durability, yet fashionable appearance make them a must-have for your home. Maple hardwood flooring is versatile and stylish and it looks good in any type of design. Find a look that's perfect for your space with maple hardwood flooring.

Maple - Americano Hardwood APM2404

Maple - Aspen Hardwood SAS311

Maple - Brown Ale Hardwood SAS316

Maple - Candied Yam Hardwood APM2402

Maple - Canyon Gray Hardwood APM2408

Maple - Coastline California Hardwood SAS318

Maple - Cranberry Woods Hardwood SAS315

Maple - Dark Lava Hardwood SAS320

Maple - Gold Rush Hardwood SAS313

Maple - Hill Top Brown Hardwood APM2405

Maple - Midnight Sky Hardwood APM2409

Maple - Mountain Ice Hardwood APM2407

Maple - Mystic Taupe Hardwood APM2401

Maple - Nantucket Hardwood SAS319

Maple - Natural Hardwood APM2400

Maple - River House Hardwood SAS317

Maple - Seneca Trail Hardwood SAS314

Maple - Spice Brown Hardwood APM2403

Maple - Wine Trail Hardwood APM2406

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Maple hardwood floors bring warmth, natural beauty and a timeless style to your home. Durable and resistant to wear and tear, these floors perform beautifully in any room that gets a lot of living. Maple wood flooring is a popular hardwood choice, and typically complements most wood cabinetry. The fine, straight grain and smooth, clean lines of maple wood flooring opens up the visual space of a room. Colors range from the creamy white and bright yellow-tan of the sapwood to light reddish-brown and darker gray-brown of the heartwood.

The color and appearance of a maple hardwood floor depends on where the lumber is cut on the tree. The outer wood of the trunk is light brown, while wood at the center reaches a deeper shade of brown, often embellished with black mineral lines and dark streaking. No matter what part of the tree is used, maple hardwood is very durable, with excellent resistance to scratches and indentations.

Homeowners like maple hardwood flooring for its natural light color, which complements design styles from modern to traditional to rustic. The light color also makes smaller rooms seem larger and more spacious. Maple wood flooring, like most natural hardwood floors, add value to a home, and since maple is extremely durable, with proper care, maple hardwood floors can last for generations.