Red Oak Flooring

Red oak flooring is one of the most popular hardwood flooring options in the U.S. Homeowners like red oak flooring for its warm tones and traditional looks.

Natural red oak flooring – ABC5400

About Red Oak Flooring

Perhaps more than any other wood species, red oak is highly valued for its rich, warm coloring, exceptional durability, and design versatility. This much-loved hardwood species is widely available and more affordable than some wood species, making it the go-to choice for flooring and cabinetry.

Why is red oak flooring the most preferred type in the U.S.?


Red oak grows in the northern, central, and southern areas of the U.S. and in southern Canada. In the cooler climates, red oak trees develop a finer texture, a more consistent rosy color, and greater density.

Here are the important qualities to know:

  • Color – base color of light, honey gold with reddish overtones woven throughout
  • Texture – large, open pores create a distinctive grain pattern that hides minor scratches
  • Durability – hardwood hardness rating of 1290 makes red oak resistant to wear, dents, and splitting
  • Affordability – it’s abundant, so it’s more affordable than other domestic hardwoods


Solid vs. Engineered – Solid hardwood red oak flooring can go in most rooms in your house – even high traffic areas like kitchens and entryways – but avoid using it below grade or in bathrooms where moisture is high. Red oak engineered flooring is a better option for basements, as long as humidity is controlled. While engineered wood and solid wood boards have different construction, they look the same on your floor once installed.

Board Width – Red oak is available in a variety of board widths and thicknesses – from wide plank to the traditional 2-1/4 inch strip. Wider boards have a rustic charm that gets noticed. Plus, with fewer seams, they balance out the scale of larger rooms. Narrow boards, on the other hand, remain stylishly classic in any room design. Can’t decide? Why not go for a truly unique style with mixed width boards?

Finishes – Armstrong offers more than a dozen red oak hardwood flooring styles. All come pre-finished with a urethane protective coating that will hold up to years of wear and use. Beyond beauty and durability, red oak hardwood flooring is also easy to finish and stain, so you can change the color with minimum effort. For a more dramatic appearance, apply a dark stain to enhance the variations in the grain pattern.

Red oak continues to be a perennial favorite with homeowners who like its brilliant coloring, exceptional durability, and design versatility.