Pecan Hardwood Flooring

The wavy, irregular grains of Armstrong's pecan hardwood floors are a unique and charming way to add character and flair to your room. Use pecan hardwood flooring for eclectic designs or worldly themes and these floors will transform your space into a cool and inviting area where everyone will want to be.

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Beige (2) Orange (2) Red-Brown (2) Dark-Brown (4)
Type of Wood

Pecan - Black Pepper Hardwood MCP241BP

Pecan - Molasses Hardwood MCP241MS

Pecan - Natural Wild Pecan Hardwood 4210PN

Pecan - Paprika Hardwood MCP241PK

Pecan - Tequila Hardwood MCP241TQ


Pecan hardwood flooring is not as common as oak or maple hardwood, but it has a similar warmth and appeal. For more eclectic décor, a dark brown pecan pulls together all the elements in a room. For more traditional decorating styles, a lighter-colored pecan hardwood is a good choice. With its wavy, irregular graining, pecan hardwood also looks great in homes with a rustic design scheme. You can be certain if you select pecan hardwood flooring, your room will be transformed into an inviting place for family and friends.

Pecan hardwood flooring is often coordinated with hickory hardwood for a harmonious variation of color and flair. Both of these hardwoods are also durable and have excellent stain and wear-resistant qualities, ideal for high traffic areas.