Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring

Wide plank hardwood flooring is commonly described as being a hardwood floor board with a width of five inches or more. Armstrong forms each board of wide plank flooring into a distinctive, one-of-a-kind piece for a unique floor. With the popularity of wide plank flooring, you can find planks in almost every type of wood, from softwoods to hardwoods and exotics to rustics.


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There used to be a time when wide plank hardwood floors were typically only found in New England saltboxes or farmhouses from the 19th century. No more. Now wide plank flooring is showing up in new home construction and remodeling projects everywhere. Many homeowners are discovering that wide plank flooring offers the rustic feel they want for their homes. And Armstrong delivers – with artisan-crafted wide plank hardwood floors in a rich palette of colors. These floors recreate a bygone era but with modern design appeal. Wide plank floors say, “Pull up a chair and sit a spell.”

Armstrong wide plank hardwood floors come in solid and engineered wood construction, in a wide range of wood types, including cherry, birch, maple and hickory. Solid planks are available in 4” – 5” widths, while engineered planks are offered in 5” widths and wider. Armstrong forms each board to capture the distinctive grain and character of the wood species that it comes from. The result is a one-of-a-kind wood plank that helps create a unique floor.

Homeowners who are considering wide plank hardwood flooring should be aware that any type of wood floor will expand and contract, depending on the temperature and the level of humidity in the home. Wide plank flooring will, however, have greater movement (shrinking and swelling) than narrow strip flooring. This effect can be minimized with an engineered hardwood product.

Engineered wide plank hardwood floors feature 100% wood construction combined in multiple layers. In this structure, the layers are permanently bonded together in a cross-ply construction for superior strength and dimensional stability, making these wide plank floors less susceptible to shrinking and expanding.

Beautiful, wide plank hardwood flooring makes a striking statement in any decorating scheme. Design your space with Armstrong wide plank hardwood flooring, and you’ll create a timeless look that will never go out of fashion.