Hardwood Flooring Products

Armstrong Hardwood Flooring. Expertly crafted using the finest domestic and exotic hardwoods. From the rustic, old-world charm of hand-scraped hardwoods to the more classic, traditional hardwood floors sanded to smooth perfection. Take a moment to browse our vast selection of hardwood flooring products.

Hickory - Lake Forest Hardwood APH2405

Hickory - Light Black Hardwood APH2408

Hickory - Mystic Taupe Hardwood APH2400

Hickory - Sweet Tea Hardwood APH2402

Hickory - Whisper Harvest Hardwood APH2406

Maple - Americano Hardwood APM2404

Maple - Aspen Hardwood SAS311

Maple - Brown Ale Hardwood SAS316

Maple - Candied Yam Hardwood APM2402

Maple - Canyon Gray Hardwood APM2408

Maple - Coastline California Hardwood SAS318

Maple - Cranberry Woods Hardwood SAS315

Maple - Dark Lava Hardwood SAS320

Maple - Gold Rush Hardwood SAS313

Maple - Hill Top Brown Hardwood APM2405

Maple - Midnight Sky Hardwood APM2409

Maple - Mountain Ice Hardwood APM2407

Maple - Mystic Taupe Hardwood APM2401

Maple - Nantucket Hardwood SAS319

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