Grey Laminate Flooring

Grey laminate flooring resembles the look of stone or aged wood at a fraction of the cost of the real thing. Easy-to-install laminate is an ideal choice for the DIY homeowner.

Chelsea Park Laminate – L4009

Grey Laminate Flooring

Grey laminate flooring serves as an inspired foundation for any room. This subtly colored laminate offers a wide-range of textures and finishes to complement most decorating styles. From a modern, industrial kitchen to a cool, serene guest room, grey laminate flooring looks smart in any space.

Decorating with Grey Laminate Flooring

Grey laminate flooring is surprisingly versatile and allows you to take a room in different directions. The coolness of grey laminate flooring can be offset with bright wall colors, such as blue or teal. A beach theme can be beautifully represented with grey laminate, since it evokes the look of weathered driftwood.

You can also choose more subtle accents to complement your grey floor. Neutral walls with bold furniture choices and will hangings will breathe life into any room. Whatever your style, grey laminate flooring makes an excellent and affordable choice.

Customer Review

Sea Wall/Tidal Wall
Excellent Product/Beautiful Results
February 11, 2013

I installed this flooring in my living room and the results are gorgeous, family and friends cannot believe I did it myself! I have six dogs and the variation in the floor pattern helps hide dirt & fur until cleaning day. I was initially intimidated by the 3 different plank widths but I was wrong, it was super easy to install and the variation in plank size gives the floor a subtle rustic character. I am ready to buy more to install in the study and spare bedroom.

Nashville, TN