Cherry Laminate Flooring

Cherry laminate flooring is a popular alternative to hardwood. Armstrong’s cherry laminate flooring mimics the upscale look of cherry hardwood in a more affordable manner.

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The rich color of cherry laminate flooring will add a new level of warmth to your home. Cherry laminate flooring closely resembles hardwood with its deep, earthy shades that range from natural, light-colored cherry to a deeper cherry with enhanced dark red undertones. Designers typically recommend that you choose lighter-colored cherry laminate flooring if you have a more contemporary style and a darker-colored cherry if your style is more traditional.

Cherry laminate has been designated as one of our premium performance floors, which means it is highly durable and will keep its beautiful looks for years. An excellent alternative to hardwood, cherry laminate flooring is also easy to clean. If you’re a DIYer, you may be interested in installing your cherry laminate floor yourself. See the DIY Laminate Flooring page for more information on how to install cherry laminate flooring.