Oak Laminate Flooring

Oak laminate flooring welcomes you home. This alternative to classic oak hardwood is not only a beautiful flooring choice, but also a practical one.


Who doesn’t love the warm, welcoming feeling that oak hardwood floors provides? You can get that same feeling – along with high durability – with an oak laminate floor. This floor is well-suited to rooms in your home with a lot of traffic. An oak laminate floor is also more stain- and scratch-resistant than its hardwood influence, which eventually has to be re-sanded and re-finished to preserve its look. With oak laminate flooring, you won’t have to worry about drops or spills – just relax and enjoy your floor.

Oak laminate flooring from Armstrong is available in natural colors, like honey, smoke gray and even shades of cherry. Oak laminate adds a dramatic element to a room, as you can see in this picture of our New England Long Plank oak laminate flooring.