Grey Vinyl Tile Flooring from Armstrong Flooring
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Grey Vinyl Tile

Eye-catching grey tile floors are easy to install and ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, and half-baths.

Additional Information

 Grey Floor Tile

Grey tile flooring has made great strides since your grandma’s kitchen. Today’s vinyl tile can easily mimic the look of real wood or stone –thanks to advanced photographic and printing technologies.

You’ll find grey tile floors have a resilient surface, which means they typically recover quickly from indentations and are resistant to staining. That makes these floors ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, where you expect to have occasional spills and dropped objects. These surfaces are also easy to clean.

Decorating with Grey Vinyl Tile

Grey tile floors add a cool, relaxed mood to any room. Many grey-colored patterns in vinyl work well in the kitchen, where they conceal dirt and spills and provide easy clean-up.

Grey floor tile can also serve as an elegant backdrop to sophisticated interiors that feature vibrant, jewel-colored palettes.

In the bathroom, grey tile flooring offers a restful look for a relaxing bath or soothing shower. Add neutral walls, combined with pastel accent colors, to create an authentic spa environment. Welcome affordable luxury into your home with Armstrong grey tile floors.

Customer Review

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April 22, 2013

My wife and I installed this product over an existing linoleum floor. We primed the linoleum after clearing the room, removing the trim and cleaning. Installation was a breeze once we found our starting point and laid the guide lines out. The flooring is a perfect match for our marble windowsills and a mirror image of our countertops. It is an absolutely stunning contrast with the Misty Lake wall coloring and the Colonial cabinets in white. Our dream kitchen! Thank you, Armstrong!

Centerville, OH