DIY Flooring Skill Assessment from Armstrong Flooring
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DIY Flooring Skill Assessment

Review our three different skill levels to decide which flooring installation projects match your skills.

Find Your DIY Skill Level

If you’re a DIYer, then you’re probably already familiar with basic handyman tools and how to use them. That’s a good start for a new flooring installation. But of course, there are different installation methods for different floor types. Some types, like vinyl tile, are easier to install than others, like a nail-down solid hardwood floor.

Read the DIY skill level descriptions below to get an idea of how we classify DIY installation projects. Then browse the products you can install yourself!


Beginner DIYers:
  • Interested in home renovation
  • Have basic DIY tools and an understanding of flooring installation methods
  • Like a quick and easy project that can be done in one day
  • Have completed other DIY projects, like painting a bathroom or installing window blinds
Projects for This Skill Level


Experienced DIYer
  • Familiar with typical home renovation projects and look for opportunities to use your skills
  • Experience with power tools and understand flooring installation methods
  • Ready for a challenge and can handle one or two-day projects
  • Have completed other DIY projects, like changing a faucet or installing cabinets
Projects for This Skill Level


Advanced DIYer
  • Expert with DIY projects of every type
  • Fast and proficient in every project you tackle
  • Have expert experience with power tools and have installed floors before
  • Ready for an installation that may take up to three days to complete
  • Have completed other DIY projects, like installing drywall, electrical wiring or plumbing
Projects for This Skill Level