Decorating with Slate Floor Tile

Get inspirational ideas for decorating with slate floor tile.

The beauty of slate floor tiles appeals to homeowners who want to bring a touch of nature to their décor. While natural slate has long been a flooring favorite, look-alike options, such as luxury vinyl tile, offer the same visuals, as well as other advantages.

For example, busy families with children and pets would be smart to steer to a luxury vinyl slate floor tile since it’s scratch-resistant and low-maintenance. You’ll sacrifice nothing in style or design, and gain immensely when it comes to easy care, durability, and comfort underfoot.

Ideas for decorating with luxury vinyl slate floor tile

Size matters – A 16” x 16” tile shows less interruption from grout lines and makes a space feel larger, even in a small room. A 12” x 12” tile in the same space, however, is a better option if the decor and furnishings are light. For a smooth, continuous look, use grout of the same color as the tile.

Create a slate pattern – Slate looks in popular luxury vinyl tiles come in multiple sizes and shapes. Express your personal style with a unique pattern installation like herringbone, basketweave, windmill, or trellis. Even a simple diamond pattern can completely change the look of a room.

Color choices – Dark gray slate isn’t your only color choice. Just like in nature, slate luxury vinyl tiles come in a blend of colors, including gold, beige, black, and red. Expand your decorating color palette by coordinating slate floor tiles with walls and furnishings.

Slate backsplash – Create a decorative backsplash or wall accent using slate luxury vinyl tile that complements colors in countertops and cabinetry.

Enjoy all the beauty and appeal of slate tile in a floor that’s easy to live with. Take a look at the slate options available in luxury vinyl tile the next time you go floor shopping.