Alterna – Slate Flooring Looks Create Distinctive Spaces

Alterna premium tile recreates the look of natural slate in flooring that is comfortable to walk on, easy to clean, and resistant to wear and stains.



Discover how comfortable luxury can be with Alterna. The unmistakable beauty of natural slate comes home in a luxury vinyl tile perfect for any décor – from contemporary to traditional.


Alterna delivers the authentic look and texture of real slate flooring. This exclusive collection faithfully reproduces the rich tonal ranges and sculpted surface that you would expect to find only in natural slate. Advanced digital imaging creates a unique combination of patterns to ensure a one-of-a-kind floor with virtually no repeats.

With several slate flooring patterns to choose from, you get the ultimate in design flexibility, minus the cost and installation headaches of a custom slate floor.


Don’t worry about kids and pets trooping across your Alterna slate floor. It resists stains, scratches, and wear, while handling impact without damage. And although it’s as durable as real slate flooring, Alterna feels warm and soft underfoot. That’s taking luxury flooring to a whole new level of comfort!

Create a distinctive space in your home with the look of realistic slate flooring. Visit your local flooring store to see how Alterna really is the stylish alternative.

Comparison Chart

Slate Flooring

Beauty & realism
Moisture resistant
Warmer and softer underfoot  
Easy care  
Ease of installation  
Easy to replace damaged tile  
Installs on any level of the home  


Alterna luxury vinyl tile can be installed with out or without grout. While both looks are popular, the grouted option provides a more authentic stone or tile look.

Armstrong makes it easy to choose the right coordinated grout for your flooring installation. Simply check the color chart for the recommended grout color that matches your Alterna floor.

Download Coordinated Grout Color Chart

Installing Grout

  • Grouting may be done immediately after installation – or the following day
  • Use only Armstrong Premixed Sanded Acrylic Grout. Traditional cement grouts can NOT be used with Alterna.
Sea Shell


If you’ve installed a floor before or you’re comfortable with DIY tools like a trowel and a utility knife, you can handle an Alterna installation.

You’ll find Alterna is much easier to install than ceramic tile. Typically, you can install Alterna in about half the time it would take to complete a ceramic tile installation.

Listen to our installation expert, Tony, tell you what you need to know about installing Alterna luxury vinyl tile in this 1 minute video.

Ready to install Alterna? Grab your trowel and your Alterna groutable vinyl tile installation instructions.

Talus - Sunset Beige - Luxury Vinyl Flooring

City/State: North Carolina, USA
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Looks like Stone - Lives Much Better!

January 10, 2013

We installed Talus "Sunset Beige" in our Laundry, Master Bath, Master Closet & Guest Bath over a year ago. During our remodel, my husband insisted on a floor that felt "warm" to touch (not cold like traditional tile) and I wanted a floor that looked like the real thing! Armstrong's Alterna flooring was perfect for us. It's easy to clean using "Once and Done" and lives so much better than traditional tiles. Highly recommended.

Mesa Stone - Chocolate - Luxury Vinyl Flooring

City/State: Downers Grove, IL
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Very Happy With This Floor 

January 8, 2013

We installed this floor on our own in our mud/laundry room. I was concerned about the weight of the appliances, heavy foot traffic and wetness from boots in the Winter and the effects it would have on the durability of the tiles. I contacted Armstrong via email with my concerns. I received a prompt reply and was assured Alterna was the floor to use. The installation was quite easy. The floor looks great and the color is very pleasing and easy to pair with beiges, browns and greys. It is comfortable when feet are bare and it is easy to clean/maintain. I would have no hesitation in recommending this product for a similar use as ours.

Mesa Stone - Light Gray - Luxury Vinyl Flooring

City/State: Aurora, CO
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Love it! 

January 03, 2013

We got this flooring to replace some older laminate flooring. It was installed professionally, so we cannot comment on how easy or hard it is to install. In any event though, we love it so far. My wife was VERY worried that it would end up looking like a lot of other vinyl flooring (she has a definite bias against most vinyl!). However, even she says that she can't see any difference in the look of it compared to real tile. She loves it!

Moselle Valley - Forest Green/Copper - Luxury Vinyl Flooring

City/Country: Edmonton, AB, Canada
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Great choice! 

December 29, 2012

We decided on this Moselle Valley tile with the mushroom grout because it looks so much like real slate. I never wanted to go with a vinyl floor again after having a sheet vinyl floor for 15 years, but this product changed my mind almost instantly. I was so impressed with the look, and am so glad that we made this great choice! Everyone who sees our new floor is also very impressed with the look and cannot believe that it is vinyl. We are very proud of our choice and we just love our warm, comfortable floor.

Cuarzo - Multi-Glaze - Luxury Vinyl Flooring

City/State: Garnet Valley, PA
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner


October 20, 2012

Love everything about this floor. Beautiful to look at. Comfortable in bare feet (not cold). Easy to clean. Our guests can't believe it is not ceramic tile. We made a GREAT choice!

Moselle Valley - Forest Green/Copper - Luxury Vinyl Flooring

City/State: Fresno, CA
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Excellent Product 

September 04, 2012

You would never know this is vinyl. It looks like something much more expensive. It is easy to clean. It is perfect if you have pets. We highly reccomend it.

Durango - Buff - Luxury Vinyl Flooring

City/State: Connecticut
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

This product will please everyone! 

August 24, 2012

We have the rich look! We have the luxurious feel! We have the durability! We have the easy care! We have Armstrong Alterna Durango vinyl flooring! No one believes that it is vinyl until they actually walk across our new kitchen floor. Our floor that is quiet, and soft on the feet and so easy to keep clean. We love it and are so excited that Consumer Reports agrees with us!

Mesa Stone - Beige - Luxury Vinyl Flooring

City/State: North Carolina
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

Awesome product 

December 31, 2011

Purchased this flooring for our kitchen and it looks great. Can't tell it's vinyl, really looks and feels like ceramic/stone but not cold. It even has the texture of stone. I highly recommend it, Armstrong is on to something with this. I would use it again.

La Plata - Carmel - Luxury Vinyl Flooring

City/State: Fenton, MI
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner


November 16, 2011

This is THE best flooring we've ever had. We had an old wood laminate floor which showed stains, was loud (two dogs' nails clicking!), and was starting to lift in some spots. I am absolutely thrilled with my new Alterna floor. It is very quiet, and even looks great in between cleanings. We had it grouted, and guests to our home think it is ceramic tile. My brother-in-law was so impressed, he and his wife are going to purchase an Alterna floor, as well. The only thing I can't comment on is installation, because we had it professionally installed. I am sooo glad my salesperson recommended this product!

Mesa Stone - Chalk - Luxury Vinyl Flooring

City/State: Francis, Saskatchewan, Canada
Type of User: Consumer / Homeowner

This is the perfect flooring...warm, durable and beautiful! 

September 30, 2011

This is the perfect flooring for someone who wants the durability of tile with the comfort of vinyl flooring! It is beautiful, warm on your feet, easy to clean and if a tile should get damaged, it can be easily replaced since it is tile flooring! My feet are no longer sore after working all day in my kitchen!

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