Slate-Look Flooring Captures the Qualities of Natural Stone

The realism of Armstrong slate-look flooring faithfully captures the color, texture and random appearance of natural slate flooring quarried from the earth.

Natural slate flooring brings rich color and earthy texture to interior spaces. You can get the beauty found in quarried slate without the drawbacks in Alterna slate-look flooring from Armstrong. Made with a natural limestone base, Alterna is a premium tile that captures the look of stone and ceramic.

Visual qualities of Alterna slate-look flooring

Texture – Slate-look flooring has the same clefted surface texture that identifies natural slate. It’s these thin layers of clefts that create the interesting and dramatic passages of color that makes slate so desirable in interior design.

Color – Natural slate comes in a variety of colors that vary according to its geographic origin. With slate-look flooring, you’ll find the same quiet grays, tans and greens of traditional slate pavers, as well as the more vivid blue, rust and mustard colors seen in Indian and African slate.

Random visuals – Alterna offers unique nature-inspired patterns that look like high-end slate, but with no pattern repeats. In this collection, there is less tile-to-tile variation for a more subtle, refined floor. With the Alterna Reserve collection, more dramatic realism is created in patterns through greater tile-to-tile variation.

Comfort – Alterna is designed to feel softer and warmer under foot than actual slate. It’s a comfortable, durable surface, designed for everyday living.

Easy Care – Slate-look flooring in premium tile doesn’t require protective sealers, yet it’s easy to maintain and holds up well under heavy foot traffic.

With Alterna and Alterna Reserve slate-look flooring, you get the random, realistic visuals of natural slate in an affordable, easy-care floor that will perform beautifully for many years.